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All it takes is one auction to take place over the next few months to put some wind behind the sails (no pun intended)


It seems several auctions are due to take place in the next 2 months... as they expect around 1000 courses (5 times what they have sold in the past 8 months) to be sold in the next two months. That 1000 is from volumes communicated to them by hospitals pre-auction.


Truth is that even if people wanted to get out of SLA now... there are no shares to sell into :devilsmiley: so goodluck doing that!


Might have to just sit and wait it out like the rest of us :hypocrite:

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Truth is that even if people wanted to get out of SLA now... there are no shares to sell into :devilsmiley: so goodluck doing that


wow, you will spruik to the end wont you.

pathetic course of events over the last few weeks. auction process or not, solagran has done no one anyone favours over the past few months, and has just left us hanging. depending on the opening price on monday, i think i am out for a while. i am very dissapointed in vagif. if i lived in melbourne, i would need to be watched very carefully.


$40million spent on a second plant? for what???


ego central.

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i feel sorry for you nicholls, i have for a while but even more so now.

alot of people have lost a lot of money believing vagif and his pipe dreams, and you are prepared to sit tight until finland and canada come on board in 2013?


your blind faith amazes me. i really would love to sit down with you, have a drink or 2 and try and figure you out. you're an oddball who will say anything to protect your investment in a public forum, even when things look beyond grim. atleast livas can be objective, you on the other hand....frustrating.

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I'm quite disappointed too regarding the sales figures but anyway hopeful that it will turn out better in the next months... Looking forward to see some reactions from posters attending the AGM in november. (I'm from Germany so no way to attend myself :( )


But we should be careful judging the "40mio US$" to spend for the second plant, from my memory when you translate Russian sites with Google translator the Russian ruble turns into US$. That would change 40mio Ruble into 1.3mio US$ which is more realistic I think...


Nice weekend to all,

Trav ;)

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"I don't think they will have too much trouble raising cash. Option holders out of the money will still probably pay up to convert. I'm sure most left on the register are in for the long haul."



Hilarious, absolutely hilarious. Let's have a 'show of hands' who here with options, will excercise them below the strike price rather than buy on market?

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The Co could do a reissue of new options like FAS did last year for an issue price of 0.1c per option, with a conversion price still due at expiration, say in 12-24 months time.


Would be a win/win for the Company and loyal shareholders, many of whom the Company came to directly for money in late 08.

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Hi all


Below is a table showing all publicly released information regarding Ropren sales.


Of course sales havent set the world on fire, but what is comforting is that the company has increased sales on a monthly basis (using my rough calcs) and importantly has laid the foundation for increased sales through private sales, pharmacies, and hospitals.


All that awaits is the upcoming auction season. I have no doubt that the auctions and ultimately 7 nosologies is what the company is aiming for, and from what I can gather they seem to be going about it the right way.


Slower than expected - whats new. But increasing sales and having the right building blocks in place are the facts of where we are at currently.


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