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I suggest you read 'Vibrational Medicine' by Richard Gerber MD for a full discussion of gross, subtle and causal energies. Harold Saxton Burr did research as long ago as 1938 on the energy field of plants and could not find an end point in the finish of the plant with the underlying energy patterns. Oschmans book 'Energy Medicine' is an excellent overview of the practices and research that has been done on living energy as intervention. The new physics clearly shows that our structural make-up consists of interpenetrating energy fields and all energy is vibration. If we had a quantum lens we would clearly see that our apparent solidity is 99.99999 space. Kirlian photography captures these interpenetrating energy fields.


From this brief overview it is not a big jump to see why bioeffectives are so effective. The underlying energy of the tree, which is an older more stable structure phylogenetically, supports our more complex energy as a substratum. Evolution follows the rule of 'transcend but include' where the lower levels are the ingredients for emergent complexity. A simple example of this envelopment is atoms, molecules, cells, organisms. This is a living interactive understanding, while the medical view is structural and based on Newtonian physics.

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c'mon wren , can you and alethia make up your mind. Its a small point he either is a medical practitioner or he isn't , i looked back to all the annual reports and 2003 to 2008 say categorically that Dr Soultanov is a scientist and a medical practitioner. But Alethia is right in 2009 annual report they amend that to "he is a registered medical practitioner in russia. But presumably he has been operating a clinic in Australia for all that time he must have some australian recognised qualification.

I need some clarity here guys my friend is becoming quite sick , and i here what your saying Mark J , but he already tried that drug and it didn't work for him.

Can someone confirm what qualification the doctor operates in australia under , i want to make sure my mate gets attention soon.

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tysondog, just get your mate to make an appointment with Dr S at his Melbourne Clinic and your mate can decide whether he likes Dr S and his qualitfications and he can also ask Dr S face to face what his quals are. Sounds like your mate has absolutely nothing to lose, because all of those drugs that have gone through the randomised double blind studies at a cost of billions of $$$$, do not have the capacity to make your mate well.


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Wren you have got to be kidding , don't tell me that some one can just put up a shingle , perform all sorts of semi clothed examinations , spinal manipulations , prescribe herbal conconctions (which at the end of the day can be just as potent as drugs you would need a presciption for ) with out any formal qualification or at least the recognition from a registered body in the health area . No No No i cannot accept that a man who is the chairman of a public company would leave himself open to the scrutiny which would follow if it were shown that he has operated all this time totally outside any governing legislation in such an important and specialised area.

Can some one who actually knows set us all straight here , this is not sounding good.

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Hi tyson


Last night you posted that you were after contact details for Vagif.


Di and others have provided what i believe are suitable suggestions. Either contact the company or make a booking at Vagif's clinic in South Melbourne.


Now you seem to be attacking the credibility/qualifications of the very man that you have asked to contact!


Notwithstanding the fact that I believe based on your history re your Solagran holding and your postings here that you would already know the answers to the questions you raise...


Im confused?

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