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Livas1: Fully agree with you that the key word is "IF", which is the reason for me to have put it in CAPITAL LETTERS...

As a very long-term shareholder in SLA, I can understand that the company resp. the management of the company has tested the patience of most shareholders in the past few years. Stated timelines were not matched etc. etc. This ROPREN roll-out in Russia is also DELAYED from original planning.

So, a lot of "burnt" shareholders will not believe that SLA will live up to expectations.


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As I read the situation, there will be some sort of placement soon (otherwise there will be a query from asx after quarterly is lodged). I think this will be the last raising before money starts trickling in and then after six months or so starts rolling in. As I mentioned previously, reduced my exposure by half - but am watching very carefully to build it up again before price really takes off.

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Hi new_kid,


What makes you think that if a share placement or rights issue is announced that the share price would tank? Its no revelation that the cash situation within SLA must be tightening and the market would already be factoring this scenario into the current SP.


The way I see it is that at worse they might want to raise $5m. So with 300m shares on issue and an issue price of 15 cents (same as Salim buy in price) they would need to do a 1 for 9 placement. Hardly a stretch with sales now starting to occur and the companies confidence outlook improving.


In fact, with the stock appearing to be sort after, the issue could in fact spur investors onboard to pick up the cheaper rights paper.


Food for thought and my thoughts only - DYOR!




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And just to add to your comments Visionary.


The company has 11,295,066 unlisted options with a strike price of 20c due on 30/11/2010, worth around 2.25 million dollars.


It is understood that Vagif has the capacity to convert his unlisted options at 50c to help keep the company afloat in the mean time.


It is not at all clear that the company needs to undertake a capital raise to get it through to the point in time that profits from Ropren are returned to the company.


I appreciate that there is some uncertainty regarding the company's financial position but it is also apparent that there are significant resources available to Solagran if required.


I think it will become clearer when the company releases the next quarterly what shape the finances are in but do not underestimate the ability of the company to find a novel solution to its finances as it has done so many times in the past. The company knows how to run on the smell of an oily rag, has done so for the 6 years I have been invested in the company and will continue to do so even when profits from Ropren achieve the 's' curve forecasts. All in my opinion of course.


Cheers Charles

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The government's strategy for tackling this problem is the Pharma 2020 strategy, which aims to raise the competitiveness of the industry, stimulate the production of innovative medicines, modernize factories' equipment, remove administrative barriers for drug registration and launch educational programs.



An interesting background article,particularly if the expected demand for Ropren emerges.


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Hi NK, appreciate your thoughts and honesty re your own position. Personally, I dont believe we'll get a Cap Raising until (possibly) the 2nd plant is started. As Charles pointed out, we have over $2m coming in Nov and (as I've said a few times) it's my understanding VS has around $8m up his sleeve courtesy of Opes wash-up (which is 96% paid-up now by the Administrators). This along with the credit facility suggests they expect to be able to tide things over till volume sales exceed costs in the 2nd half of this calendar year. Just my thoughts.
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