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mpl - that really is a pointless post! A company's share price is low....until it rises!


If you can't be bothered to do any research on how SLA is progressing, why even bother posting that chart?




You say it may be worth something 'ONE DAY'. Well....erm...yes mate. That's why most people tend to buy stock!!!




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So at what price have you held this thing then?.

Speccie buying is one thing BUT buying something that shows no movement to the the upside is pointless.

Weather that be from a trader or investor. Sounds way too much like a "One day", "At some stage". "It should", "It will" make me Rich.

Good luck with it I hope it goes to a $1 for all you believers.

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I think there is a huge hole in the pipeline and somebody is trying to plug it with a solution that can remain nameless,do you get my drift.Even if there was a flood of sales they wouldn't have the stock or the capabilities of getting it out.

The last report showed that somebody in there doesn't know what the real meaning of anecdotal evidence.

Tyson Dog



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Is it a full moon? What the heck has bought the wierdos out?


Why are we looking at the stock price of SLA in the 1980's....it didnt exist?


This some kind of preemptive attack telling people to not believe the ramping when there was none.


I think that some people should wait till a bit later in the day before hooking into the cooking sherry.

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"To be honest I would have to say that ropren has done considerably better than I thought, never thought it would ever be sold in Russia or that SLA would still be in existence"


So given you once held and sold at 13c I assume you were in for techincal (trade) reasons?

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Having followed the posts regarding SLA's position/status in comparison to other pharmaceutical companies and the double blind control crossover methods employed by Western rational science in relation to synthesised drugs is not comparing apples with apples. The first point is you cant use statistical analysis to understand your own health profile. You need to understand the causes and conditions that are impacting your health from a systemic perspective and understand the action, choices, events that are causing you harm. From one perspective you need to stop harmful actions, and from another perspective you need to understand the causes and conditions of foundational health.


The second point is that the conventional medical/scientific paradigm is reductionist. This means it uses increasing differentiation to know. Differentiation does not recognise integration, yet as a living organism that has evolved on a changing planet, you cannot separate yourself from all of the factors affecting your life situation. You cant knock out a symptom and call yourself healthy, health is always systemic. The understanding implied in using the potency inherent in nature is post-conventional, which also means post-rational and post-mechanistic. Post-conventional is interested in increasing integration and realises that interactions are self-other constructed. There is not an authority figure who knows, rather there is a spectrum of possibility that society provides where the decisions you are making determine the network in which you are moving/relating. The current mainstream centre of gravity in Western developed nations is conformist rational, however there are at least 3 levels which are higher, but operate using different decision-making processes. The evidence base becomes more subjective and intersubjective, but this does not mean that there is a not a sophisticated methodology supporting this mode of operating. It just has less do's and donts and invites experimentation with living practices.


So if you are interested in Solagran being more profitable, consider what it means to create a shift in encouraging people to take responsibility for their health.

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I can see what you are saying regarding the trials, but to use the example of vegimite just doesnt make sense. A person cannot believe that a substance (vegemite) is making them better when they are in a coma as they are not coherent and are having subconcious bodily functions performed for them.

I would certainly like to see more evidence of this type of situation (in the case study) being assisted by Ropren and am extremely encouraged by the story. To me the best part of the announcement apart from the case study was the subsidy, as this opens the door for alot more sales over the coming months! Looking forward to next weeks announcement!

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