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Sorry New Kid but I disagree in part.

The leader should be someone who understands how business works. Rather than taking the words of officials in high places. Ropren was supposed to be fast tracked remember. The end of November was when it was supposed to happen and it took a few months longer and almost the normal time (6 months) before the licence was finally granted. This inexperience cost the company a couple of months in wages and lost alot of respect from shareholders as this was the straw that broke the camels back.(after years of broken claims) Now they are in a poor financial position, with next to no cash, very limited sales (that we are aware of) and they either need a big excise of options, a bigger stake for Salim, a new strategic partner or a capital raising IMO or they are going to be insolvent. If you want to give the CEO an incentive give them shares when the SP moves over certain benchmarks. There is the same financial incentive and that person is more likely to think with a clear head than make an irrational decision. Vagif is a great scientist and thats what he should be concentrating on.

You only have to go back and read all the announcements that never came to fruition to realise the above is true. Regardless if its a prospective or not!!!!! And yes, I have already sold my shares too and will wait to see the company is in a stronger financial position before I buy back in!

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Wow! Some people are sure getting irritated. Naturally everyone would like all matters to fall into place exactly as expected, however the reality is that sh.. happens and what can go wrong very often does go wrong.


We can be thankful that:

. we have a patented technique of extraction

. we have a factory in place to produce our product.

. we have an unlimited source of raw material.

. we have seemingly good relations with the authorities in Tomsk.

. it is possible that the president of Russia supports our activity.

. we have a pipeline of future products that will come on stream in due course.

. there is evidence (today)that one of our products will be a great help in the horse industry around the world.

. many people have expressed the benefits of Bio A.


To the believers - have continued faith.

To the non-believers - best wishes.

To others - keep looking for the magic pudding.



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It will be interesting to see what the faithfull come up with to keep us going if the April sales dont come up to expectations,Im sure it wont be SLA's fault anyway.Been watching another Australian Pharma, and doing all their trials here push up there SP 30% in the last three weeks with very positive announcements and the last post on this forum was early FEB.Looks like they even picked up CSL as well. I think up to date,accurate informed announcements regularly, make for a healthy company.If sharescene where to close this site tomorrow it would also be interesting to see what would happen to the SP, because it surely aint the PUBLIC RELATIONS DEPT> that is holding it up!!!!!!!!!!!When did we get our last NEWSLETTER?????????? and why is it that the shareholders have to continually surf the net for information in foriegn countries for sometimes valuable information regarding our investment???
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excellent find trav. thanks for sharing!


why couldnt the company have provided that little snippet, and the many other little one's that go un-announced by the company?


i am still of the belief that certain people dont want the share price to move just yet.

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Well good for you stitch.


So why don't you stop posting blatantly speculative rubbish and wait patiently until information comes to hand that the company has turned things around.


If this information never comes to hand then your decision will have been proven right.


The only reason that I can see why you would continue to post blatantly speculative rubbish is not very savoury.


Time to grow up.


Cheers Charles

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