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well it won't be that long. It depends on revenue generation and everyone must agree without a moments prevarication, that we are closer to that position now than ever before in the history of SLA.


yes diana it's do or die time for this one. They will have to produce some very good sales orders for ropren if SLA is to survive. If the Russians do not buy they will have to cease production and the stock they have will have to be sold at a massive loss, perhaps they could divvy up the unwanted ropren amongst the shareholders as a consolation, but lets pray it does not come to that.

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I appreciate I made a comment without qualification. However to elaborate I would need to get into the personalities running both companies and I do not want to go there.


Just reading the clues and doing a Sherlock. I may or may not have interpreted the clues correctly.

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Hi all


Most have probably missed it, but Solagran released the half yearly last night.


"Sales of Ropren commenced in the Russian market in February 2010"


Great to see that clinical trials are continuing, with the amount spent up on pcp.

Be nice to know what the trials are on?....


Direct your attention to Note 3. 10.5kg of Bioeffective R was given to Galenopharm in mid december. That equates to 1750 courses.


It looks to me like Solagran earn at least $350 per course. This is the raw price, I assume they will earn some sort of additional margin on sales on top of this.


Overall, on first glance, nothing to controversial

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