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Nicholls5 said on the 4th Dec......


Rang Deb.


Let me state a few things so the poor lady is not inundated with the same questions.


License - not yet but so close could be literally any day. It will happen no doubt about it.


Vagif's meeting - Very fruitful. The value of such meetings cannot be underestimated. Some exciting developments will be announced on the 9th Dec. But no details given in the conversation I had with her.


Again - very upbeat conversation. She is looking forward to the 9th Dec. It should be "very exciting" for all shareholders.


That's it.


exciting developments will be announced tomorrow

very exciting for all shareholders.



I hope you are happy to stand by those comments, and i really hope for all of us that we are all excited by close of trading tomorrow.


nighty night folks, and good luck to us all!!

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looks like the word has just got out and we get first mention.



Hot stocks: how to find companies on the boil

James Dunn From: The Australian December 09, 2009 12:00AM


In recent weeks, he says, the SPA3 (Sustained Profit Advantage) system has given entry signals to five stocks he describes as "warming up" and showing definite signs of becoming hot. They are bio-therapeutic substance maker Solagran (SLA); Victorian gold explorer Morning Star Gold (MCO); building and engineering services provider (and electrical and non-residential heating, ventilation and airconditioning specialist) Norfolk Group (NFK); Retail Food Group (RFG), the owner and franchisor of the Donut King, Brumby's Bakeries, Brumby's GO!, bb's cafe and Michel's Patisserie brands; and minerals (mainly gold) explorer Jindalee Resources (JRL).




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So if there are price sensitive announcements going to be made in the meeting (and we really are expecting them to right?) Then they'll definately have to issue a trading halt soon today surely?? And then release the details via ASX? I'm a bit confused as to why the halt wasn't requested yesterday if there was announcements today.
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