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In reply to: AFU on Sunday 11/01/09 09:25pm

I'd be stating the obvious to say I thought we'd have revenues by now.. But there are delays of course. When the revenues come, they will be worth the wait. I haven't set a time by which I will sell regardless. The recent capital raising suggests we won't see the big revenues for little bit anyway. I guess my answer is I'm not sure, but I would certainly like to see Ropren revenue on the FY08/09 financials. I would like to think the capital just raised was only meant to last until then to accelerate growth, and then the directors were counting on the river of ropren revenue. It can't come too soon.....

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In reply to: AFU on Sunday 11/01/09 08:25pm

I used to think that it was necessary to set a time frame, but I gave that idea up very quickly. Sometimes the best profit opportunity comes earlier than I think and other times much later. It's more the management and milestone achievements that grab my attention and determine whether I stay or go. If I'd said 12 months for SLA I would have sold at an apalling loss 4 years ago. As it is, the company has made excellent progress with Ropren and now, IMHO to sell prematurely would be very destructive to my portfolio. I would have allowed all the growth and progress time without waiting for the profit. That would be daft, so I will wait until all the Russian Government foibles have been accommodated, all the other market foibles have been endured and the cash starts to flow. Then we'll see how the SP responds. My guess is it will be a bit slow to respond, because a lot of fat has been stripped from the body of investors and they will be more cautious than previously. Then, something "Ropren" amazing is bound to hit the headlines and we'll be off to the races. Whether it's alzheimers, Hep C, brain function, liver function or EGUS or all of the above ... who knows ... but we will find out probably in the next 6 to 12 months. There is also a suggestion from some quarters that things medical are due for a bit of a run. The sector hasn't been in the front runners for quite some time. Waiting, waiting. http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/cool.gif


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In reply to: diana on Monday 12/01/09 08:21am



Thanks for those comments.


They just about cover it all for me.


I have no intention of selling any time soon, except some to cover my 5 cents due on the SLACF's; and if I had any money left in any of my other stocks I would sell them rather than my SLA's. And if I had any money left in the kitty after that I would be a buyer at these prices.


Like most of you I have been reading with great interest and alarm at what is happening in the world economy. I keep reading these articles about slowing growth, fall in demand, massive unemployment, inflation, hyper-inflation etc. But to me it gets back to one central thing - the Banks have stopped lending. Fix the Banks and you fix the economy. But this is not the forum to get into this.


But as Diana said there are some sectors which will do better than others. Health is one. In an aging population Health is one area where we will continue to spend. Spent a fortune on my wife's operation last year, and if she needs one again this year I will spend another fortune and not a bigger plasma TV or holiday or new car.


Happy to hold, with fingers crossed that SLA will take off sooooon!!

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In reply to: AFU on Sunday 11/01/09 09:25pm

I tend to agree with Diana. I have only been in for 2 years now but despite the frustration at times I am confident we are inching closer to the big prize. I am not expecting significant revenue in 08/09 but certainly 09/10 I feel we must see solid evidence of it or I would be doubting it's going to happen and therefore looking to exit from this point of view.


As I have mentioned earlier, I think we are chance to see some significant SP appreciation SHOULD Solamind get a settlement from the banks re Opes. We all know where those proceeds are likely to go. Worth holding the stock for this alone in my opinion. To this end I think it's some possibility we could have a SP year like 07. Either way, happy to let it play out.

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In reply to: AFU on Sunday 11/01/09 08:25pm

i painted the fence the other day. i wanted it dry by 5pm. i was watching with glee as the sun did its job, then storm clouds ranged over and put an end to the drying. geez i was fuming.

then i went fishing, had a great time, and forgot about the fence.

when i got home it was dry.


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In reply to: AFU on Sunday 11/01/09 08:25pm


My time frame to sell probably same as yours


--- At the latest if 4th quarter financials ie. FY year end 08/09 which should be released July 09 does not contain signs of reasonable sales beginning-- then something is in contradiction to company pronouncements...... ie" supposed excess demand in Russia."


The quarterly financial report end 3rd QTR,released April should show some minor sales... this is first obvious indicator as overseas sales were meant to start last year...if negligible is a first WARNING sign.. so failure for 4QTR 08/09 sales opens serious questions...as overseas sales began year before...


Pretty unnerving when you google "russian liver treatments" and see the number of other companies ALL making similar claims to Solagran........with so called similar hospital/medical centre trials being quoted... unnerving


The only reassuring event is that Ropren is supposedly registered as a Pharmacopiea --- and knowing nothing about Russia I presume this means something official and has some real scientific backing/recognition...I am hoping the SLA incentivised scientist publications are legit and not influenced by option entitlements...


We have heard nothing about further orders being placed nor any volumes.... NOR who is doing the marketing or does the distributor "KOVIFARM" (Moscow region) or does the "other distributor in place" though unnamed as yet do the marketing...?????


IS THERE ANYONE OUT THERE WHO CAN TELL ME ?????????Strange no shareholders know --- rather relevant information I would have thought !!!!! or am I being presumptious.


Only time will tell...

3RD QTR calendar period is total outside limit... and parachute time if rhetoric not matching facts.


I'm a wishin and waitin..... ummmm....probably not good investment criteria

But still actually hoping



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