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I had lunch with a friend of mine today who i have not seen in quite a few months.

We spoke about a whole range of things, one of them was money/stocks we are currently invested with.


He asked me if i was still invested with the "russian mob" i was ranting, raving and salivating about last time we saw each other.

I told him that i was still invested, but could not give hime one good reason to sink his own money into SLA.


He looked at me blankly after i updated him on recent events.


Was good to get an "outsiders" view on the company, and how perilous things are at the moment. You really wouldnt think so reading this thread though.


Remind me again, why are we still invested in Solagran? I'd ask the company but they dont return phone calls or emails (unless they get a sniff that you want to take up some of the shortfall)

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In reply to: bam_bamm on Friday 09/01/09 02:46pm

bam bamm,


Seems to me bam bamm that you are like a guy at a poker table holding 4 of a kind and somebody raises your bet. You know you have a winning hand but are confused when somebody does something un-expected. Most people would raise again, but it seems to me you are of a temperament that you throw away your winning hand.


Perhaps you should stay out of the game.



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In reply to: Vilmac on Friday 09/01/09 02:47pm

nice analogy. to continue with the theme. it is more like having your cards dealt, face down, with your hands tied behind your back.


your call. do you raise, cash out or sit tight?



oh yeh, someone switched the lights off too.

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In reply to: oddchild on Friday 09/01/09 03:25pm

the point i was getting at, i told him the Solagran story months and months ago, yelling it from the roof tops if you will.

when i updated him on where we are currently at, he was shocked i was still invested, and wont be putting any of his own money into it.

I guess, for me, it was good to get some outside feedback on the goings on of solagran.


i want to believe, i think i still do. but they are certainly making it harder and harder...



these forums sure are a strange place when a company in question runs on auto pilot for a few months.

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QUOTE (bam_bamm @ Friday 09/01/09 03:18pm)

Bam Bamm, I'd like to know, as a casual observer, why Mr Stedwell did not take up his full entitlement in SLACA as he holds 1,000,000 Contributing Shares (SLACF) & 2,017,000 Ordinary Shares but only bought $10K of them (less than 50% of what he was entitled too).


Dr Soultanov bought approx. $2k worth and obviously neither picked up any shortfall.

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