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Is it to late to apply for some of the shortfall?? And if so I just send money in via bpay right?


I tried to ring the company to confirm but I kept getting this crazy houso lady answer the phone... The lines must be crossing or something http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/tongue.gif



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Unlisted options certificate arrived, so things moving along steadily.

Just a thought, if our hospitals are having so much trouble with the likes of

MSRA & VRE, whats the problem with a Bio A "trial"? Nothing else seems to work.

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From my Etrade window!!!



Bit ambitious, but I like their confidence.


One seller at $987.00. I hope somebody picks up the 4700 shares on offer.




Price Quantity Number

0.230 50000 1

0.250 60000 2

0.265 15000 1

0.300 5000 1

987.000 4700 1


Last 10 Trades

Time Price Quantity

11:10:12 AM 0.215 279

11:09:23 AM 0.215 12,121

11:09:23 AM 0.215 5,500

11:09:23 AM 0.215 19,379

11:08:34 AM 0.215 5,000

10:58:10 AM 0.210 4,767

10:44:14 AM 0.215

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