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In reply to: anotheraussi on Thursday 04/09/08 07:57pm

I wonder how long Judd has been on the Bio for? He did have nagging and then serious groin problems (osteo pubis or something) last year at West Coast.


This year he is,now was, absolutely flying at Carlton.


Was Rebecca there?

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Sorry, but on the contrary Livas1 , Peter Stedwell said in his opening address that he was not concerned "like some of us ", about the share price, or something close to that, at start of the evening, ( that part put me on my back foot to start with ) and as Denis said " we are not interested in announcements just to spike the SP" ooh well..time will tell....just a heap more time than I had allowed .
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In reply to: macrae on Thursday 04/09/08 05:48pm

Thank you so much M12, you have saved me many thousands of dollars with your wonderfully constructed and informative posts. I allow for the poor english contained in your posts as you are a truly great messiah and therefore not used to typing (only 2800-odd times). May I suggest that you set upon a course of Bio A or any other bioeffective as it obviates the need for continuous public acclamation. Once again, my profound thanks.

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In reply to: stitch on Thursday 04/09/08 09:08pm



Did anyone at the meeting asked why the EGM has not been called ? The sooner we have the shares allocated to our scientists, the better it will be for the shareprice. Does anyone think for a moment that they will allow the shareprice to run upwards and onwards and include all the bluesky potential ahead before allocating shares to scientists - an improbable thought. As the shares allocation has to meet certain hurdles - then these hurdles must be able to be met in short timeframe otherwise the scientists will walk.


Anyone who thinks that scietists and adminstrators are not required - think again! In certain countries nothing moves or get approved until some people are on your side!!

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In reply to: new_kid on Thursday 04/09/08 09:14pm

Hi new_kid,


I asked after the meeting, basically it was due to a complication with organising the ANZ selloff. The company really wanted to the Russians to speak to shareholders and this was when they were here, an EGM would not have coincided with their visit because of the delay in getting ANZ off the register.


Cheers Charles


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