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Hey all you SLAckers, looks like SLA is about to SLAm dunk and SLAm funk like we all of 'the faithful' said it would....... http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/rolleyes.gif


Hav'n a blast here in NZ, lotsa fishing and catching up with family and friends....not missing West OZ summer one bit......even quit trading for the meantime.....but I reckon SLA is worth another small top up.....it usualy does well on rubery news like this....and takes 3-4 days to go from SLAck to super-duper gains.....don't panic...SLA is fast forwarding the program.


I have just emet my 3 month old nephew....great kid but has a dribble problem, that has caused some yucky fungal growth under his double chin, and it stank bad, like rotting bacteria.....after 4 days of BIO-A it's nearly gone....just cracked a capsule, every day for 4 days and rubed it in.....tossed the rest in my gob and he's going great....My brother was rather surprised it went away......then I told him what I was using......he bought some more shares....nothing else worked that good......No lies my friends, we have a winner....even PawPaw cream wasn't working!!!!


TUGGA....you is one emotional sun of a gun.....you might just panic your way out of one awesome winner into the next looser....Patience my friend......and a Merry XMas to all!!


http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/hypocrite.gif .......Spicer.....see y'all in 2008



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QUOTE (Spicer69 @ Thursday 20/12/07 07:36pm)

My baby had a similar rash thing and the doctor recommended Pintarsol. It was only after I opened it I remembered the smell from my childhood and that my mum used it when we had chicken pox.


The label says its made from pine tar and is for relieving inflamed and itchy skin. Seems pine tree products have been around for a long time for these conditions.


Main difference is that Pintarsol is for external use only.

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In reply to: Spicer69 on Thursday 20/12/07 07:36pm

Great to hear from u spiceman. We've missed having u round this month and I was only thinking of you this morn as rather conservative pricing was being discussed. Your ears must have been burning I'm sure. Hopefully we will have a winner for your comp soon hey.

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Console....good to hear from ya........Just to elaborate....I never gave a 3 month old a pill....I simply used a needle to open the capsule and rub a smear of the liqid GOLD onto the affected area.......then popped the rest in MY gob.....I guess it'd be ok if you popped the rest in the fridge till the next dose but I am taking it regular for XMAS EXCESS ALCOHOL CONSUMPTION, so just eat them like lollies...lol.......beause it is masively great for hangovers and reflux and heartburn.....hey what can I say.....I'M a party animal.....


I also had a boil like thing starting to erupt under the skin of my shoulder.....10 days of rubbing BIO-A from a capsule was good enuff to see it off........now I truely believe.....this stuff is magic......


and talk about XMAS recovery time to the next party....... WHOAAAA.......awesome........ Friends and family can't believe I get up early, after party'n on till all hours, and still look like a GOD in the morning.....lol.....well at least be up and ready to go fishing again.....hehe


I actualy e-mailed Denis about the AGM date stuffup before I left for NZ....but he passed me on to the accountant.....I doubt that'll ever happen again.....I made sure He got the message........ie if you gonna run a company then run it right!.....But I see some still asking the rest of us to do the dirty work for them.....If you want know an answer, and only have 1 share, you still have the same rights as the rest of us.....ASK THE BLOODY QUESTION!!!!!!!!..............send a flaming e-mail........you will get an answer if you are short and to the point..... http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/weirdsmiley.gif


Oh for the love of GOD....give us the big announcement on XMAS EVE>>>


Because 29101971 may never see his awaited prize otherwise....all bids are locked in as of midnight AEST......good luck, and best wishes to all....and good-night.

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Greg....I'm shakin like a tree....not from the quake....lol


Just checked in one more time and it's late so I gotta go.....looks like 4 hours sleep again, then out to the Hen and Chicks off Whangarei Heads tomorrow for some easy trolling for Swordfish.....geeezzz I hope I don't hook one....it can take up to 4 hours just to get one near the boat....


It'll be another 3-4 weeks B4 I sign in here again, maybe......I got 3 months off my heavy schedule of doing SFA in OZ .....going on holiday is the hardest work I do, maybe I'll become a tour guide just for the hell of it...... http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/rolleyes.gif


BURP!.....I got a 'Super-Soaker water pistol' from Santa already.....I'm stoked!!!!!!



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In reply to: dee27 on Thursday 20/12/07 07:18pm



I just got home from after work drinks... and the only reason i got home so early was bc I have a big day tomorrow.


Heading out straight after the AGM so it may be a while before I can post some AGM info, so no doubt Bruce, any others that are attending (and SLA of course) have it covered http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/cool.gif



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In reply to: gregbyday on Friday 21/12/07 10:21am

Whilst we all would have hoped (and maybe expected) the SP to be at record highs by this Xmas, I have realised that the key right now is that things are on track and there are no major impediments to what the company has been forecasting for 08.


I hope to read that this is the case when I come home drunk from the races tonight!

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