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Ok as long as we've got a bet on..


I guestimate $2100.


I really don't expect to go higher than 2500 as the Russians might be pressed to pay that money for treatment, I mean only the first $1000 of treatment is paid for so they'll be up for ($2500-$1000/3 months=) $500 a month out of their own pocket, which would be a bit of an ask. Then there's the doctors fees, scans, biopsies, blood tests etc.


I look forward to multiplying the estimated revenues by the actual Ropren price figure/1000 when it comes out.. Standby for my SP predictions for 3 and 4 years out after our pricing announcement. It's going to get juicy...

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You guys have been wattching too much Boorat!!!!


The average Commie is earning a good wage and doesn't drive an old Fiat towed by a donkey......


These people have the $$$.......initialy there is going to be a supply problem....


ie 'geeez I got a billiyun rouble and I cannut got ze Ropren.....oh damn, I muuust tulk to my fruend in ze govumunt for supply...vodka be kyllin me....I huv too much good time already....make last longa, Ya?'


"The Price of ropren will not be to far south of this...".....ie $3.5 - $6000 per course


Three doses may be necessary for chronic Chirrosis.....ie close to (3x$6000=$18000)


The comparatable treatment is $18000 and 2/3 will only suffer the side effects of vomiting Diahoreha, headaches....ect.....wherea the other 1/3 get a minor benefit..... http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/devilsmiley.gif


3x $6000 to fix your liver and save on a $1300,000 operation is massive, if you can get a transpalnt ( the additional meical expenses and a lifetime of anti rejection pills)......wow.....http://www.liver4you.org/ for costs.


With no side effects.....with no side effects.....with no side effects.....with no side effects.....with no side effects.....with no side effects.....with no side effects.....with no side effects.....with no side effects.....with no side effects.....


Then prevent/ fix alzheimers at the same time...not to mention cardio vascuar disease through normalisng fat levels.....



Sorry for the echo...... http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/weirdsmiley.gif ....see you on the high side......

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There is a planned GP education/publicity campaign that hasnt happened yet,


Are you sure BB?


I know they had nice glossy brochures for health practioners at the EGM and I presumed they would've started sending them out to naturopaths and GPs who are open minded about alternative treatments.


As for Ropren pricing inside Russia, despite what Charlie said, I'd be very surprised if the final negotiated figure was much more than $1000. I'll go for $1250 and as long as it sells like hotcakes,I'd actually be very happy with that.

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Dee....I'm sure most would sell thier glossy new LCD/plasma TV, rather than getting a liver transplant, for Ropren if they can get tit......Russia is rich with the new wealth just like China and India will be....


Australians have been drinking heavily for 'god knows how long', and the rest of the world is heading that way too....


.Sla have a captive audiance......and the number of people with wealth is increasing......$20k for treatment/prevenion is realy nothing in the big scheme of things IMO....I expect some to actualy take Ropren on a regular basis just to kill hangovers...... http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/lmaosmiley.gif ....and possibly have their LIFE INSURANCE companies insist on it...


We have yet to see any serious side effects, and only an allergic one at that, with extreme dosages, WHICH IS WHY PHASE III TRIALS WERE NOT NECESSARY, and the fact that it was extremely effacious was also taken into account.




It' not about the SP for me....Dividends have always been my ultimate play for this one.....and it'll take 40 years for the competition to catch up....


Think of the way they produce Ropren, and I bet they'll never let on the secrets (even in IP protection), because SLA can do the same technique with other plants, and it will create more problems with IP...........ie how the heck do you IP a plant extract....just KEEP It SECRET!!!



Oh dear I'm past my 3rd bourbon.....time to relax and play Battlefield 2142.... http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/ph34r.gif

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In reply to: dee27 on Friday 02/11/07 09:17pm

Well, i might be wrong Dee, happens all the time http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/tongue.gif


Only thing is, if we the SLA public, and pharmacies, and Lifespan, are having so much trouble getting our hands on it, I would consider that the Co would want to get supply and distribution sorted before embarking on this GP education to any great extent. It will also take more than glossy brouchers to get GPs recommending it. I believe articles will be included in Journals as well etc (and im sure us SS's will see it before any GP!:).


But, yeah, another good question for AGM Dee-What are the Bio A GP dispensing only plans in Australia? Might be delayed for same reasons as Partner launch- which claims of efficacy can be made....


Hey Rufous, Charlie didnt specify, but for some reason i came away thinking the personal supply to ROW wouldnt be significant, maybe 5-10%. Could be wrong again though hehehe


Spicer, yeah good point re Da Ruskies. They aint all broke, and it is an emerging super economy once again...





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In reply to: BullseyeBob on Saturday 03/11/07 11:45am


I do agree that there appears to be void in communication between SLA and the medical and pharmacy professions and have been doing a little reseach into a few of the more senior staff appointments at Solargran.Apart from the Directors Vagif,Denis,Charles & Peter who we are all familiar with and have high profiles ,there are some others of whom we hear nothing and I wonder whether they are still in positions there.

Let us list a few


Doug Smith "Marketing Director" appointed 03/06 Yes I have spoken to him recently

Peter Oredsson "Global Sales Mgr" appointed 03/06 ????

Bob Anisimof GM Sibex Liason appointed 02/07 ??????

Alex Jozsa Production,Tech Services& Regulatory Affairs appointed 02/07

Geoff Webster COO appointed 02/07 Replaced By Charles

All of these appointments were Aust based except for Bob Anisimof which I read as based in Melb but spending considerable time in Russia.

When you examine the Qtr report it shows a staffing expenditure of$255,000 for the qtr and Marketing and advertising of $124,000.

Two questions spring to mind from these facts

Staffing costs seem very low if we have the Exec Directors,the above listed and the usual array of secretaries,researchers etc

The marketing and advertising costs must be absorbed in packaging and distributors payments.

I guess like so many other question marks that arise at times around SLA we will be wiser in due time but it does make you wonder at times

Can anybodyhelp??


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I can't help....I try to stay out of Denis' hair....I did my part on contacting Solagran last year, and only once since then about the 'other site'......I distance myself from emailing 'every little question' so they can get on with the important stuff, and hope that some here who read my posts/questions will add them to their check-list when they contact anyone in SLA.....it's best to get a big list going IMO and send it to Denis just before the AGM so all the answers are fresh in his head.....I know this is a good thing because another Director in another company I am in had his secretary search forums like this for any pre -AGM questions that might arrise....a very smart cookie.


Good to see some BIO-R prices being slapped around....and none below $1000 US so far.... http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/lmaosmiley.gif ....I'll keep tabs on the predicions and put up a bottle of your favorite brew as a prize...... http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/lmaosmiley.gif ........and I'm serious!....postage included.


Here's hoping all have a very merry XMAS.

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