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Mornin all,


a great article, and great day to come...


A professional leak?


Solagran will today announce that its drug Ropren can be prescribed for liver disease in Russia.


I think so...


Congrats to all long term holders, and us not so long http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/biggrin.gif


Yes Manoli, me drink a da beer today too!!! lol





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In reply to: BullseyeBob on Wednesday 18/07/07 07:48am

Those that need congratulating are the management and scientists and everyone involved in getting us to this stage. http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/wub.gif


As shareholders, we are all along for the ride... and hopefully the discounted Ropren http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/tongue.gif

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Hi Manoli,


Great to have you here, glad you found the place.


Extremely interesting article, great find Lizard.


Wenn alles gettan ist - Schultheis


Cheers Charles

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In reply to: Livas1 on Wednesday 18/07/07 07:59am

Yes Livas you are absolutely right,


Those that need congratulating are the management and scientists and everyone involved in getting us to this stage.


Nothing has been announce yet so lets wait for the announcement. http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/rolleyes.gif


Cheers Charles

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In reply to: chiller on Wednesday 18/07/07 08:05am

Thought you guys might be interested: Hearald sun today


A SMALL Melbourne biotechnology company has achieved a major breakthrough after getting pharmaceutical registration in Russia.


Solagran will today announce that its drug Ropren can be prescribed for liver disease in Russia.


That means the drug should start to sell in Russia this year, with the next development steps being to seek approval in the rest of Europe and the United States.


Trials have shown Ropren and its active ingredient Bioeffective R is highly effective in treating chronic liver diseases including various forms of hepatitis and cirrhosis.


Further trials both in Russia and Melbourne have also shown Ropren could also be effective in normalising blood lipids such as cholesterol and in treating and preventing neurodegenerative conditions such as Alzheimers and Parkinson's disease.


Solagran shares have been in a trading halt since Monday pending today's announcement.


They have traded from a low of 17 in September last year to a high of $1.55 in May this year.


Solagran has already announced that it is dramatically ramping up European production of Ropren to cater for the estimated 10 million people with liver disease in Russia.


Unlike most drugs, the active ingredient in Ropren is a natural compound known as a polyprenol that is isolated from green conifer needles.


It was first developed in Russia by Professor Victor Roschinback in 1986.


Since Solagran listed in 2003, executive chairman Dr Vagif Soultanov and a Russian project team have successfully pushed to have the drug registered in Russia.


That registration process was shortened significantly because clinical trials showed Ropren to be effective without any of the usual side effects of liver disease drugs.


The Russian Ministry of Health was also keen to introduce a locally discovered drug to combat the high number of liver disease sufferers in the country.


Initially supply of Solagran will be restricted by production, so most treatment courses will be prescribed in Moscow and St Petersburg.


Capacity expansion should see supply grow to the rest of Russia over the next few years.


Given Ropren has pharmaceutical approval in Russia, it may also be used when indicated to treat situations other than its primary role in restoring liver function.


That could include novel applications such as helping to prevent neuronal cell death in the brain following heart attack or stroke and conditions associated with drug and alcohol addiction.



PHONE: 9292 2756

FAX: 9292 1834

EMAIL: beveridgej@heraldsun.com.au




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On a completely different note, check this out, also in todays Herald Sun:

Protection from Alzheimer'sArticle from: Font size: Decrease Increase Email article: Email Print article: Print July 16, 2007 12:00am

BOOSTING your levels of good cholesterol might help protect you from Alzheimer's disease, according to a landmark study of older Australians.


Dementia researchers in Perth have found that people with higher levels of the so-called good cholesterol, HDL, tend to have lower levels of a small protein strongly linked to Alzheimer's disease.


The finding was presented at an international neuroscience conference in Melbourne.


It suggests that raising HDL levels, which can be done through exercise and consuming red wine and dark chocolate, may also help protect against dementia.


It is not understood what causes Alzheimer's, but research suggests that genetics, environment and lifestyle factors come together to trigger oxidative stress, the build-up of a protein called beta amyloid, and, ultimately, the death of brain cells.


Previous studies have shown a link between cardiovascular disease and dementia and work is under way to explain it.


Scientists at Edith Cowan University enlisted 200 people aged over 50 with normal cognitive function to find relationships between levels of the protein and cholesterol levels.


"What we found was that the more of the good cholesterol, the lower the levels of the protein were in the blood," said lead researcher Dr Kristyn Bates.


"It seems from this that these people may be at lower risk of developing the disease in the future."


Backs up Vagif's hypothesis that liver function/cholesterol can cause Alzeimers/demenia. Amazing!!!!


We are on a winner here folks!!





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In reply to: Livas1 on Wednesday 18/07/07 09:39am



If that was the case, it could have been written by anyone whoposts on SS.


They had done their research, most facts are correct!


Next topic is what will SLA open at? My stab is $1.55.


Nifty http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/biggrin.gif

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