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Must admit to be a little surprised with this one.

Positive announcement our on the 19th "Further Trial Confirms Hepatoprotective Properties", with a surge in volume (300K+ shares) and a bit of price movement.

Then on the 20th it hit overdrive ... opening up at 12.5 and hitting an intraday hi of 17c, before closing back down at 12.5. Most impressive was the volume of 10M shares ... compared to previous days.


Must have been some profit taking involved sending it back, so today will be interesting.



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Did some research on this stock last night. Forget the options but watch the main share come October/November this year. Very interesting stock with huge potential and not too many shares on issue. November they'll have further trial results from Russia so IMO let it slide back a bit and then go in for the kill around this time!!! PDYOR before buying. My opinion only.
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The underwriter from the last capital raising has been selling into this last announcement. Good long term hold. I have a heap of 20c unlisted options expiring in 2008 bought from the last raising. http://www.ShareScene.com/html/emoticons/biggrin.gif
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only the last surge in s.p. brought my attention to this one. just had a good look at their website--pretty impressive allround, from the directors, esp. chairman, and the amount of manhours spent on it's research in russia.


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Interesting that Ozequities Newsletter has put out a very bullish report on Solagran which begins as follows:



Week's Special



By Jenny Prabhu and Gerald Stanley



There has been only one other company, Sirtex (our first report on SRX was when it traded at 56c), in the 18 years or so of Weekly Specials where we have felt inspired to write a follow up report in less than a year from the first.


Solagran is at present little known and even less understood.


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I'm new to this game. But havin' great fun (tho' I've learned a couple of expensive lessons - but I'm guessing these are learning costs).


I bought into SLA earlier in the week when it was firing - levelling for about the 3rd time at .145c. Then it fell asleep for a few days (under that price of course). Then Friday for some reason it came to life and up to 13% for a while.


Any thoughts on this? Is someone interested in quietly accumulating without driving the price? http://www.ShareScene.com/html/emoticons/icon14.gif Are we in for an interesting week?


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thanks for that Nowhere Man.(Not wrong about sla being at present little known and even less understood their website was a revelation to me, to be honest)

i bought in on friday.if Ozequities got srx at 0.56 so right....sla looks good on a risk/reward basis, imho.


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