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Given we gave Trump a good working over, perhaps it is time we looked at Biden.

I don't know if anyone else bothers to watch some of his Press conferences, but I find I am squirming with embarrassment sometimes.

The poor bastard just loses the thread too frequently for my liking.

Sometimes rambling, sometimes just plain incoherent.

Confusing Libya and Syria is his most recent gaff.

One of a long line of many.




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Nah, Orange man is gone, never to be returned.

He appears to have a heap of supporters, but they are the wrong kind.

He needs supporters who call the shots in the GOP, the grass roots folks, a bit like here in OZ, don't feature in the power games.

I can't imagine that the delegates will select him again.

The best he can hope for is to be a kingmaker, giving someone else the imprimatur.

He could run as an independent, but that would just be as a spoiler role for whoever got the GOP nomination.

Hopefully his wife and kids can convince him not to run and just keep playing the martyr.


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Unfortunately if it comes to the crunch & another loss is likely V Trump in 3 yrs i know who the GOP will be lining up behind.

Will all be forgiven???


The political talent pool in the USA is very similar to here in Oz. The cupboard is bare. Or the smart ones stand well clear.

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Especially if he keeps making these bloopers.

The latest was when he called Putin "president Trump", but he did quickly correct himself.

(see UK Express )

A Fruedian slip perhaps?

I men the Dems have said all along that Trump was in cahoots with Russia, so I guess we can forgive him that one.

Was interesting to see which news services highlighted the slip up and which did not.


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