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Drilling program to commence at Koppamurra




• Planning and preparation completed for 8,000m air core drilling program

... Program developed to confirm regional prospectivity of flagship Koppamurra project

... Primary objective to confirm regional nature of mineralisation across granted (SA) tenure

... Additionally, program will aim to identify thick, high-grade mineralisation to support estimation of an Indicated Mineral Resource

... Highly credentialled Exploration Manager and field crew engaged to manage and execute drill program

... Experienced, South Australian based, drilling contractor engaged


• Drilling expected to commence at the beginning of October and will be ongoing until end of year

• Exploration PEPRs (Programs for Environmental Protection and Rehabilitation) approved

• Naracoorte, SA, regional office and warehouse established

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Some of the smaller, exploration and early phase Rare Earth companies are doing well today

  • AR3 up 15% to $1.10
  • IXR, a fellow ionic clay play, up 15% to 6.4c
  • ARR doing 20% up and at an all time high of 32c
  • VML also picking itself up, now 6.0c

Interest could, maybe, be attributed to the former ASX listing Pensana (was PM8 before moving to UK domicile)

Pensana, which raised £10 million in late December in a share placing in which fund giant M&G took a 5 per cent stake, is one of only three major producers outside of China and the only one in Europe.

Its minerals separation facility, to be built at Saltend Chemicals Park, aims to produce enough refined metals to meet 5 per cent of global demand ... it has the potential to be one of the largest hubs of rare earths processing in the world.


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And some results announced to the market. AR3 Went up, as high as $1.22 but is currently under $1.10 as the prospects of a Capital raise looms?

Results from 174 drillholes representing a significant portion of the regional prospectivity drilling conducted on EL6613 (Francis), confirm shallow rare earth mineralised clayey sediments across a wide region of the Koppamurra Project area.
• Importantly, the average of the combined Neodymium/Praseodymium contents of the TREO (21.5%), and the average Dysprosium content of the TREO (2.5%) for these intersections is consistent with the magnet rare earth contents of the Red Tail and Yellow Tail resources ~40km’s to the south
• Like the Red Tail and Yellow Tail deposits, rare earth mineralisation identified in the assays from this recent drilling occurs in shallow settings within the wider region.
• Extension drilling to the north and south of Red Tail and Yellow Tail continues to indicate a prospective setting for the accumulation of rare earth mineralisation and a 10,000m drilling program is planned for commencement in February 2022 to define additional resources there

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will not even talk about the SP, other than that it has enjoyed a lift on the announcement today. The company is drilling on, over what are big leases. Essentially, the clay band is shallow, sitting on top of the limestone (which can be weathered or not), and drilling to just a few metres will generally show up the mineralised zone. Their talk of is less than 7m down, and up to 2m thick. A further refinement is to get in there and actually dig up and look at what they have got.

As part of the AR3 development of the Koppamurra Project, a Trial Pit is in planning, in an area of prospective mineralisation on private land adjacent the existing Red Tail resource area. The trial is expected to provide several beneficial outcomes in advancing the Project. It will,

  • allow for significant bulk sample collection for larger scale metallurgical testwork;
  • provide access to the mineralised zone over a wide area to progress understanding of the geological system at micro and macro scale; and
  • allow AR3 to demonstrate the shallow nature of the deposit and the potential for rapid rehabilitation of disturbed areas to stakeholders and the broader community.

Drilling on the proposed Pit area, roughly 200m long by 40m wide, using the push tube core method, on a nominally 10m x 10m grid, is proposed and which should provide detailed geological input to the planning of the Trial Pit.

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On 2/21/2022 at 9:00 PM, nipper said:

will not even talk about the SP, other than that it has enjoyed a lift

and a retreat .... bouncing along around 75c. Some news today about new leases elsewhere in Aust:

  • Leveraging the expertise developed during the past two year assessment of the 100% owned flagship Koppamurra Project, AR3 has identified other highly prospective regions for clay hosted rare earth exploration within Australia
  • Three new areas have been added to the AR3 exploration portfolio:

Woolgangie (Western Australia)

  • A Joint Venture with Belres Pty Ltd that includes two granted exploration tenements and five pending applications, 60km southeast of Coolgardie
  • Previous drilling identified thicknesses up to 22m of anomalous rare earth element content in regolith under 10m of overburden
  • AR3 has also submitted tenement applications immediately adjacent to those within the Belres JV, giving a total combined 2,200km2 of prospective exploration area

Dalrymple (Queensland)

  • Five exploration licence applications, centred 100km SW from Bowen in Queensland
  • Exploration tenure dominated by rock suites containing high value prospective rare earth minerals, including Allanite
  • 1,505km2 of highly accessible ground near existing road and rail infrastructure

Massie Creek (Queensland)

  • Granted Exploration Licence EMP 27952, roughly 200km WSW of Cairns, allowing for rapid onground evaluation of the prospect
  • Nearby stream sediment sampling detected elevated REE that may originate from the igneous host rocks in the region
  • 327km2 of prospective ground in a location with highly weathered clay potential
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• A small scale mining trial has commenced at Koppamurra supported by the State regulator, local landowner and implemented by a local earth moving firm

• The trial serves multiple purposes, from improved geological interpretation of the clay hosted rare earth layer to the collection of a bulk sample for future metallurgical pilot plant testing, and a demonstration of rapid rehabilitation of the site

The fact that Koppamurra clays lie under farming ground is going to weigh heavily on outcomes. There will be opposition

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Koppamurra Drilling Program Indicates Strong Potential for Larger Resource

Koppamurra project had a second major drilling program which ran between February and April 2022 and successfully identified extensive, shallow, rare earth mineralisation adjacent to the Red Tail and Yellow Tail resource deposits, with thicknesses and grades consistent with those previously found in these areas.
• The intensive resource definition drilling program, undertaken over an area equivalent in size to the Red Tail and Yellow Tail maiden resource footprint, consisted of 1,158 holes and 11,480m at 100m x 100m spacing to supplement the previous drilling of 899 holes and 9,920m in late 2021
• Additional density determinations across a wide area of the closely spaced drilling supports a 30% dry bulk density increase to be applied in the updated resource estimate
• These results provide a high level of confidence that the mineralised clays remain shallow, low cost to mine and consistently thick up to ~8km north of Red Tail and Yellow Tail.
• The threefold increase in meters drilled at tighter spacing will form the basis for a planned mineral resource update scheduled for June 2022. This will be the first major update since the maiden resource of 39.9Mt reported in April 2021
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• Firm commitments from institutional and sophisticated investors for a Placement to raise $8.1 million (before costs).
• Strong support for the Placement from several high regarded new institutional investors based domestically and internationally.
• The Placement price of $0.44 per share represents a 6% discount to the 15 day volume weighted average price (VWAP) of $0.47.
• The Company has now strengthened its balance sheet to fund further work at the 100% owned flagship Koppamurra clay hosted rare earth project located in South Australia.

.... and heading towards 44c (or lower)
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Since listing, two 10,000m drilling programmes have been completed at Koppamurra. Results from the first programme (Feb 22) included grades up to 9,244ppm TREO, a 30% increase in dry bulk density (1.4 to 1.8 t/m3) and a potential 6km northerly extension to the existing Red and Yellow Tail mineral resource.

The second programme was completed in April ; all the assays have now been received and resource interpretation is underway. The latest results show consistent high grade occurrences of the magnet rare earth elements across thick intersections, at or near surface. 
The combined drilling programme added 21,400m (2,057 holes) to the 4,785m (670 holes) drilled since the Maiden Inferred Resource Estimate released  in April.

Resource estimation consultants, IHC Robbins has  commenced an update to the Red and Yellow Tail mineral resource, expected this month. The  results from a significant increase in drilling meters, bulk density and closer hole spacing of  100m is highly anticipated.  
The consistent shallow nature of the deposit allows for expedient drilling, rapid delineation of JORC compliant mineral resources, and future low cost mining with potential for progressive land reclamation, all of which continues to distinguish Koppamurra as a unique project.

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upgrade in resources 

 JORC Mineral Resource Estimate for the Koppamurra clay hosted rare earths project, located on the South Australian/ Victorian border, increases by 104% to 81.4Mt at 785ppm TREO (total rare earth oxide)
• This includes an initial Indicated Resource of 45Mt at 835ppm TREO
• The updated Mineral Resource estimate, which is more than double the initial Mineral Resource posted in April 2021, is considered a key milestone because it demonstrates that AR3 is well on the path to establishing a world scale inventory at Koppamurra

• TREO Grade of the Indicated Resource is 15% higher than the initial Inferred Resource published in April 2021 of 725ppm

The consistent nature of the deposit enables expedient drilling and rapid Resource growth as well as the ability to undertake progressive rehabilitation, all of which continues to distinguish Koppamurra as a unique rare earth business opportunity.
Our vision is to progress down a pathway that will see Koppamurra in production by 2025/26, perfectly timed to take advantage of surging demand for rare earths...
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