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Trigg Mining Ltd (TMG) is a Perth based exploration company exploring for Sulphate of Potash (SOP) from hypersaline brines in the Salt Lake systems of the Goldfields of Western Australia. Trigg Mining is seeking to explore and develop two prospective SOP projects being the Laverton Links Potash Project and the Lake Throssell Potash Project, which are located in the Goldfields region of Western Australia.



The projects lie near the terminus of extensive palaeovalley catchment areas (ancient river valleys) which extend for over 500km and are underlain by potassium-bearing source rocks (granites, sandstones and salt diapirs). Brine solutions carrying potassium mineralisation have been concentrating in the palaeovalleys and salt lakes (evaporite systems) for millions of years.


Lake Throssell may well prove up to be a large, consistent, high-grade discovery with real potential to become a long-life, low cost primary source of SOP... Exploration Target of 7.5 –27Mt @ 9-10 kg/m3 SOP

• Palaeovalley up to 5km wide and 36km along strike within the central granted tenement

• Drilling to date has identified a surficial aquifer across the lake and an underlying aquifer around 100m deep and up to 5km wide


Maiden Inferred Mineral Resource estimate due in the coming weeks.



• Primary production of SOP, from brine, is the lowest cost source of SOP but there is insufficient resources available to meet global demand of ~7Mtpa.

• The Mannheim Process is required to meet demand. The process heats MOP with sulphuric acid to around 800⁰C, producing hydrochloric acid as a waste product.

• As both methods are needed to meet global demand the Mannheim Process creates an industry price floor well-above the cost of brine sources.



.. on p17 of 30 April 2021 Investor Presentation there is a graph of 6 Australian SoP hopefuls in ascending market cap:

Trigg Mining ...... $10M

Reward Minerals .. $25M

Aust. Potash ...... $90M

Agrimin .......... $110M

Kalium Lakes .... $160M

Salt Lake Potash ... $330M

The company listed on the ASX late 2018. Market cap about $10million; $2.5M in cash at end of 1Q


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ah, yep, that is where I saw it; above ... Hidden Gems


This Free webinar will give viewers the opportunity to hear from, and engage with, a range of ASX listed micro/small cap "hidden gems".


Confirmed company presentations include:

Neometals (ASX: NMT)

Trigg Mining (ASX : TMG)

Rafaella Resources (ASX: RFR)

Ansarada (ASX: AND)


Time: 12.30pm AEST

Day: Friday, 7 May 2021

Duration: ~ 1 hour


Each company will give a 10 min presentation, followed by 5 min of Q&A.

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Trigg Mining has come out with a maiden estimate somewhat quicker and at the higher end of expectations

Substantial maiden Mineral Resource plus updated Exploration Target demonstrates clear pathway to establish a sizeable SOP production hub at Lake Throssell in Western Australia.



... Lake Throssell Maiden Inferred Mineral Resource Estimate of 14.2Mt of drainable Sulphate of Potash (SOP) at 4,638mg/L potassium (K) (or 10.34kg/m3 K2SO4), plus an updated Exploration Target for the tenements under application. ... The scale and grade of this Mineral Resource highlights the possibility of a multi-decade, sustainable SOP project and places Trigg Mining front and centre of the new-generation SOP industry in Western Australia. ... The Company’s Total Mineral Resource Inventory now stands at more than 20Mt of drainable SOP, with substantial upside to expand even further. ...In addition to the scale and brine chemistry advantages, Lake Throssell has numerous competitive advantages including proximity to energy and transport infrastructure
Next Steps

... A trenching and test pumping program is scheduled for May and June 2021, with the aim of confirming aquifer properties for the lake surface and gaining sufficient data to upgrade the lake surface sediments to the Indicated Resource category. ...Test production bores and monitoring bores are to be installed within the key aquifer units. These will be test pumped and geophysical logged to confirm aquifer properties and allow upgrade to the Indicated Resource category.
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Renounceable Rights Issue to Raise up to $3.2 million

Proceeds to progress activities at Trigg's Lake Throssell Sulphate of Potash project in WA, including delivery of Indicated Mineral Resource estimate and Scoping Study


.. 2-for-5 Renounceable Rights Issue to raise up to $3.2 million.


.. Attractively priced at $0.10 per Share, representing a 29% discount to the 30-day VWAP of $0.142.

.. For every two New Shares issued, eligible shareholders will also receive one free attaching New Option.

.. New Options to have exercise price of $0.20 and an expiry date of 15 July 2023 and will be quoted on the ASX.

.. Shareholders can trade their rights and apply for additional shares and options, with rights to commence trading on 2 June 2021.

.. Rights Issue partially underwritten to $1.5 million by Mahe Capital Pty Ltd.

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TMG has not held the 10c level, since 16 Jun. The company has spun it well since announcing the outcome on 25th


Trigg funded for Resource upgrade and Scoping Study after highly successful Rights Issue



The entitlements offered oversubscriptions and the company accepted a further $250K.... (Highly successful !).. and the TMGOB options expire Jul 2023 are trading for a cent or 2.

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there is a Sharecafe article about SoP


Sulphate of Potash: A Revolution in Farming, Food and Fertiliser




and it is mainly an interview with the Trigg CEO. A very effective communicator.

But are the end users really going to pay extr for a premium product.Let's hope the share price can lift.... the rights issue at 10c is underwater, sellers keep on coming

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Maiden Indicated Resource for Lake Throssell Sulphate of Potash Project


Indicated Resource is based on results of recent trench pump trials of the Surficial Aquifer resource and will underpin the Scoping Study due for completion in late Q3



• Maiden Indicated Mineral Resource estimate of 1.9Mt of drainable Sulphate of Potash (SOP) at 4,985mg/L potassium (or 11.1kg/m3 K2SO4), with 13% of the total Mineral Resource now in the higher confidence Indicated status

• Total Mineral Resource of 14.3Mt of drainable SOP at 4,665mg/L potassium (or 10.4 kg/m3 K2SO4)

• Multiple trench pumping tests have demonstrated the geological continuity of brine grade and extraction from the surficial aquifer

• Over 95% of the mineralised blocks from the top 6 metres of the surficial aquifer resource model converted to Indicated status

• Further work programs planned

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whether this Sharecafe article linking to some research helped

Sulphate of Potash: A Revolution in Farming, Food and Fertiliser


Trigg Mining is looking to secure Australia's sustainable agriculture future through the exploration of essential potassium fertiliser, sulphate of potash (SOP), necessary for global food production and human nutrition ...

or whether it was BHP putting some muscle into Potash (MoP not SoP),


or Maiden Indicated Resource numbers out,

.......... TMG is back above the 10c Capital raise level and now pushing to 11.5c

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