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Digital Wine Ventures Limited (DW8) is an Australian Publicly listed company that aims to identify and invest in early stage technology-driven ventures that have the potential to disrupt and digitally transform segments within the global beverage market and support them by providing access to capital, expertise and shared services. WINEDEPOT is DW8's cornerstone investment.


A bit of history

... Brand New Vintage Limited (BNV) listed early 2014. Itwas an Australian wine company involved in winemaking and the sales, marketing and distribution of premium wine brands, contract wine processing and bulk wine production. BNV distributes its products in form of two brands: One Planet and Stick

... On 01 Mar, 2017, Brand New Vintage Limited (BNV) changed its name and ASX code to Dawine Limited (DW8).

.... On 07 Dec, 2018, Dawine Limited changed its name to Digital Wine Ventures Limited, keeping same ASX code.

Was trading for less than 1c until about June 2020, when the new Tilt: development and roll-out of cloud based tech platform WINEDEPOT which provides a digital platform for wineries to connect with consumers.

The trend lines across all key metrics are very encouraging and confirm that our technology and logistics platform is handling the compounding growth in both customers and orders extremely well. ...we are now in a good position to start ramping up our customer acquisition program in preparation for the launch of our Direct-to-Trade Marketplace later this year."


....currently all of our growth is coming from customers using our Smart Logistics Solution .... the launch of the Direct-to-Trade Marketplace introduces a dimension to our platform that will appeal to a much broader audience.


...wine producers need to find ways to maximise their profitability on every single sale. ..... Up until now Direct-to-Consumer sales channels have been the only way for producers to achieve this. However when our Marketplace goes live later this year, for the first time ever they will have access to a Direct-to-Trade solution that offers similar benefits. ..... many of the hundreds of registrations received to date have expressed their interest in using it. I'm really very excited about providing brand owners and producers access to a platform that has the potential to hundreds of millions a year by avoiding the 35% margin lost to traditional distribution.

and seems to be getting bottles in a row


• WINEDEPOT ships 20,864 cases in February, up 32% on last month

• WINEDEPOT processes over 9,494 orders, up 918% on same period last year

• WINEDEPOT sign ups accelerate in preparations for marketplace launch


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and signs MoU with eBay to partner with eBay


WINEDEPOT and eBay will negotiate the terms of a partnership to provide Australian wineries with the ability to list their products directly on eBay without having to set up an account..
all about eyeballs, access and clicks

up 40%

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Bibendum and WINEDEPOT

The partnership between the two beverage suppliers means WINEDEPOT will stock a large part of Bibendum's portfolio.

Bibendum represents 160 local and international wine producers and craft spirits. It will invite its customers to join the WINEDEPOT platform, offering a $250 voucher as an incentive. The voucher will have minimum spend restrictions and will have to be used within a time frame.


The companies will also link their IT systems so WINEDEPOT customer accounts can be opened easily. The integration of IT will delay the partnership until late April. However, Digital Wine CEO Dean Taylor believes a faster uptake will offset any delay.


In return for its partnership with WINEDEPOT, Bibendum will have access to WINEDEPOT's logistics service, as well as a particularly large incentive: Should the partnership fulfil a number of achievements within 2 years, Bibendum will receive 20 million shares in Digital Wine.


These include Bibendum listing more than 280 products on WINEDEPOT and sending at least 4000 WINEDEPOT referral vouchers – of which at least 800 must be activated, thereby generating at least $800,000 in sales.


Digital Wine also announced a partnership between WINEDEPOT and Direct Couriers. The two companies will develop a dedicated WINEDEPOT delivery fleet for commercial customers. Deliveries will be dedicated to metro areas, allowing customers fast access to orders regardless of freight congestion


CEO Dean Taylor is excited about the potential the partnership with Bibendum has to fast-track WINEDEPOT's uptake.

Bibendum are without a doubt one of the most successful wholesale beverage businesses in Australia. You only need to look at the calibre of brands in their portfolio or speak with any major wine buyer to get a gauge on their position within the industry.


This partnership allows us to leverage Bibendum's unique product range, highly experienced sales force, long-term customer relationships and revered presence within the industry to drive rapid awareness of the benefits that our marketplace provides to trade buyers.

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and April with a 20c peak was about as good as it got. Now 6c


DW8 is still burning through cash. Despite the increased sales they burnt through $1.5mil last quarter and only have $6.0mil left in the kitty. Another cap raise looks on the cards in the next 3 to 6 months.


Currently with 1.7bil shares on issue for a market cap of $130mil, it is not cheap. Another cap raise is going to have them approaching 2 billion shares on issue.


Latest announcement advised they were moving from monthly updates to 3 monthly updates. A cynical view would suggest this means saving up all the good news for a quarterly report, getting a bump in the share price and then announce a cap raise.

.... I will go with that view .


Where is the moat? How are they going to succeed when there are so many others , bigger incumbents and small nimble start ups all competing for the (low growth) dollar ?


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  • ShareCafe Admin changed the title to DW8 - DW8 LIMITED
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The below announcement was released today which will delay any capital raising and give the company some breathing space in order to scale the Kaddy platform. Management had better get a move on and start to repair the damage done by the disastrous 15 month share price decline that started in early April last year. 17.5c to 1.3c is near death; now back above 2c on the news. But Convertible Notes are not great, if the debt is not serviced by inflow growth.
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