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Zeotech Limited (ZEO) is a industrial kaolin and mineral processing technology Company. ZEO is currently working with the University of Queensland to commercialise novel and proprietary zeolite mineral processing technology.



The company gets a mention in a summary of Carbon Capture and Storage Technologies in the AFR. Technologies are evolving, and with the continued support of governments both locally and overseas, the prize of delivering a CCS system that works, is reliable and helps bring net emissions to zero, is a big one. Research projects the industry to be worth more than $US6 billion by 2027.Some ASX-listed companies have their eye on the CCS prize. This is how they are progressing in helping to reduce our carbon footprint.


ZEO has developed a proprietary zeolite mineral-processing technology. Zeolites are traditionally used as a substitute for phosphates that are harmful to the environment when released into waterways. But zeolites also have strong absorbent capabilities and academic research literature has been published concerning the propensity of zeolite for CO2 absorption.

The company has recently engaged with the University of Queensland to evaluate the performance of synthetic zeolites in carbon capture. The hope is that a cost effective synthetic zeolite-centric carbon capture solution can be delivered to market on a commercial scale.

others mentioned are Calix CXL and Hazer HZR.


Note: Companies such as Santos, Orica, Origin Energy, BPH Energy, Vulcan Energy and others that are seeking to incorporate CCS within their current processes have been excluded. The intention of this article is to focus on those looking to commercialise their technology as a priority.


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webinar on Friday




Topic: Share Cafe Webinar - Micro/Small Cap "Hidden Gems" in the clean/green energy sector This Free webinar will give viewers the opportunity to hear from, and engage with, a range of ASX listed micro/small cap "hidden gems" who have a clear focus on clean/ green energy projects..


The keynote presentation will be provided by Tim Canham, Senior Portfolio Manager, Emerging Companies at First Sentier Investors.


Confirmed company presenters include:

- Martin Carolan, Global Energy Ventures (ASX: GEV)

- Simon Kidston, Genex Power (ASX: GNX)

- Sylvia Tulloch, Zeotech (ASX: ZEO)

- Howard Rae, EcoGraf (ASX: EGR)


Time: 12.30pm AEDST

Day: Friday, 12 March 2021

Duration: 1 hour


Each company will give a 10 min presentation, followed by 5 min of Q&A.

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 Zeotech to acquire the Toondoon Kaolin project located in Queensland


 Project comprises of an approved ML 80126, EPM 27395 and EPMa 27866, across 28,000ha


 Zeotech to acquire Kalotech Pty Ltd for 37m fully paid ordinary shares at a deemed price $0.07 per share to secure the project


 Approved Mining Lease (ML 80126) JORC 2012 Indicated Resource of 5m tonnes 37% Al2O3, <1% Fe2O3 ... resource remains open in all directions, offering scope to further expand the high-grade resource within ML and surrounding EPMs


 Located in a tier one jurisdiction and well served by existing infrastructure ... two major ports within 300km, with access to major arterial highways


 Near term cashflow DSO potential .. 1 million tonne of near surface high grade raw ore provides a fast track mining opportunity


 Toondoon ML offers low cost high grade feedstock to expedite synthetic zeolite technology commercialisation ... delivering material improvement in zeolite production OpEx



Market cap $130 million ... trading rather range bound between 8c and 9c

As an industrial kaolin and mineral processing technology Company, ZEO is currently working with the University of Queensland to commercialise novel and proprietary zeolite mineral processing technology.

Still touting their common zeolite technology used across each vertical representing material market opportunities.

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I see Sylvia Tulloch stays mum about her long-term and deep involvement in the trainwreck at one time called Dyesol, and that the 2 companies she says she founded and took to ASX listing were, I seem to recall, actually in substance the same which the Tullocks pheonixed after the collapse of the first iteration.


Once bitten twice shy for me.

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