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Fargo Enterprises Limited (FGO), formerly Flamingo AI Limited, is based in NYC and Sydney.



In the Conversational Commerce field, Flamingo is an Enterprise SaaS company which provides a Cognitive Virtual Assistant (AI) platform designed for selling financial products online.FGO's Cognitive Virtual Assistant or Chatbot is called ROSIE.


but that appears to have been sold. As announced before, there is an agreement with BDNM Investments Pty Ltd for the sale of the Company’s subsidiaries Flamingo Customer Experience Inc and Flamingo Ventures Pty Ltd.

looks like that is going ahead

Future Plans

The Company has commenced a process to look for additional assets to acquire. Shareholders should note that in accordance with ASX Guidance Note 12, ASX will generally continue quotation of the Company's securities for a six-month period to allow the Company to complete the Transaction and identify and announce a suitable new business. Depending on the timing and size of transaction, the Company may need to re-comply with Chapters 1 and 2 of the Listing Rules.


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Odessa Minerals Ltd (ODE)  is pleased to announce that it has successfully completed its public offer to raise $6,000,000 by way of an offer of 300,000,000 new shares at an issue price of $0.02 per share. 

Proceeds raised from the Public Offer will be used to fund the diamond exploration activities across the Company portfolio of projects in the Kimberley diamond district of Western Australia, with work scheduled to commence upon reinstatement to quotation on the ASX, likely 18 Jan 2022.

<January 14th, 2022, Fargo Enterprises Limited (FGO) changed its name and ASX code to Odessa Minerals Limited (ODE)>

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  • ShareCafe Admin changed the title to ODE - ODESSA MINERALS LIMITED

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