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• Commitments received from institutional and sophisticated investors for a A$20 million Placement to fund accelerated planned growth in Cloud Gaming and telecommunications infrastructure rollout.

• Since listing on the ASX in January 2021, Pentanet has grown its subscriber base by over 20%, acquired 5G spectrum to accelerate the expansion of its wireless network rollout, and expanded its Cloud Gaming infrastructure to support strong market interest in GeForce NOW.

• New funds will be primarily utilised to accelerate these fixed wireless and cloud gaming network expansions, plus associated working capital requirements.

• Pentanet will purchase an additional 18 RTX Servers, increasing the capacity to service expected growing demand, and enact exclusivity for NVIDIA's GeForce NOW service in Australia.

• Leveraging the benefit of the recently acquired 5G Spectrum, Pentanet will upgrade coverage capacity and accelerate the rollout of its wireless network.


• Following the Placement, Pentanet will have approximately 291.1 million shares on issue and a proforma 31 March 2021 cash balance of $36.3 million.

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from over a buck in the first few months, persistent selling saw 5GG bottom out at 54c late June.


On 29/06, an Investor Presentation might have turned it around:

Project Giga Link

The real world deployment of our design in the field has so far delivered last mile speeds of 1 to 2 Gbps to the multiple mesh points, now reaching more than 3km from the nearest backhaul tower site.

Traditional Fixed Wireless: Obstructions will prevent a customer from connecting to the network.

Project Gigalink: Network reroutes to subscriber in a resilient mesh design


In short, it works


now back to 66c


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Pentanet (5GG) has successfully launched GeForce NOW, NVIDIA's premiere cloud-based game streaming service, to an eager market of gamers across Australia and New Zealand.
The premier cloud based game streaming service is now open for paying subscribers to experience the impressive visuals of real-time ray tracing streamed with RTX ON via GeForce NOW Powered by Pentanet, using a vast variety of hardware options.  
Pentanet's Beta Play program commenced on 22 September 2021, with over 4.7 million minutes (9 years) played ahead of commercial launch. Over 20,000 Beta Players actively tested the service across more than 174,000 sessions.   

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