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IXUP Limited (IXU) developed an innovative software environment providing security of data in trusted data collaborations. The IXUP environment helps organisations collaborate using multiple sources of data and therefore derive deeper insights to inform business strategy and gain competitive advantage. The environment is unique with its patented approach to security and matching which overcome security and technology challenges inherent in data sharing models.

The IXUP business was founded 9 years ago, and since then, the Company has been focused on the creation and commercialisation of its unique database encryption technology, which, for various reasons, has taken longer to commercialise than originally expected. Been listed since late 2017.


Market cap around $50million

While a lengthy commercialisation is fairly typical for a technology company creating a new product, this has been even more complex in IXUP’s case, as we have also had to create and educate customers about the various potential use cases at the same time.

Seem to be finding it hard to grow, Attracting right people seems a challenge.


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a double top, or is it a new high



Q2 Highlights

ï‚· Successful $5.75 million capital raising (before costs), fully underwritten by Cygnet Capital

 Appointment of new Non-Executive Chairman – Julian Babarczy

 Appointment of new Managing Director/CEO – Marcus Gracey

ï‚· Strategic Collaboration with Tekkorp Capital to assess opportunities within the international digital gaming and wagering sector

ï‚· New initiatives with potential customers/partners utilising IXUP's core data analytics technology being pursued, with a focus on opportunities within the international gaming and wagering sector as well as the international sports marketing and sports sponsorship sectors

ï‚· Continued building of the opportunity pipeline for IXUP technology.

 Release of platform update version 4.1 – extending capabilities and features and reducing operating costs.

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and, a week ago, IXU ran up 30% to $0.13 on what was a non sensitive Ann, then at 5:37pm came out with a CLARIFICATION that had the big red !


IXU refers to its earlier announcement titled "Collaboration with Tekkorp Capital Delivers Key Opportunity", wherein it advised that the Company had entered into a data analytics and insights collaboration agreement with DataPOWA Limited.


For completeness, the Company wishes to provide the following additional information in relation to the partnership:

... The agreement with DataPOWA is not exclusive, is for a period of 2 years and each party bears its own costs.

... The Company does not consider that the collaboration agreement with DataPOWA is material to the Company in its own right, although notes that it has potential to deliver future commercial relationships that have potential to be. The companies are currently jointly pursuing data analytics and marketing initiatives which are remain incomplete and uncertain in outcome.

... There are no material conditions that need to be satisfied before the partners become legally bound to proceed with the terms of the commercial agreements which are anticipated to be delivered as a result of the DataPOWA collaboration.

... There is no other material information relevant to assessing the impact of the commercial agreements on the price or value of the Company's securities.

dropped, but not that much, soon after.


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During the half year period IXUP extended the features offered across the IXUP privacy preserving analytics platform through the release of three further platform updates which has strengthened the commercial offering of its technology. This truly unique capability is designed to remove the risk of data loss and misuse, in an environment that is seeing unprecedented remote business activity and increased instances of cyber attacks. The Company believes that future demand for the IXUP platform will increase due to the exponential increase in data acquisition occurring globally, and a desire to monetise new data assets without risk.


but not yet.


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IXU got to 19c, quite active buying. And today announced a well received acquisition

• Binding Share Purchase Agreement signed for IXUP to acquire 100% of UK-based SaaS technology company DataPOWA Limited for maximum consideration of $12M

• The Acquisition follows on from collaboration initiatives between DataPOWA and IXUP which have led to the recent commercial deployment of the ‘POWA Index 2.0’ product, which combines DataPOWA’s revolutionary AI-driven sports sponsorship asset valuation tool with IXUP’s secure data collaboration engine.

• The Acquisition has been structured to secure maximum value for IXUP shareholders from the value to be unlocked by the imminent commercialisation of the POWA index, the deployment of IXUP’s technology through DataPOWA, as well as providing a clear path to market for IXUP’s technology within the sports data market.


• Highlights the value of IXUP’s Secure Data Engine as a valuable ‘key’ to unlocking value in the sports data market for all participants who have information assets that they are unable to share or commercialise due to concerns around privacy, compliance and/or cyber security.

• IXUP’s strategic repositioning within the large and lucrative sports data market is expected to deliver significant product integration and new product development opportunities and will be strategically guided by a world class team of partners and incentivised advisors.

• The timing of the Acquisition is highly strategic, as:

..o.. it enables IXUP to acquire a synergistic and complementary business with associated domain expertise that is poised for accelerated revenue and customer growth;

..o.. it accelerates IXUP’s commercialisation plans; and

..o.. the sports data market notably intersects the international digital sports betting market, which is rapidly growing due to the deregulation of the US markets which in turn is increasing the value of, and need for, sports data.


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tried to get excited about this one, but am lucky I did not. It is not a failure, but just hard to figure out where to, next? I suspect they are having the same challenge.

And now, a capital raise :

Information sharing and data collaboration technology company IXUP is raising $10 million, after overhauling its commercialisation strategy.

The offer is priced at 14¢ per share, some 9.7 per cent discount to its last close.

The raise comes a day after the IXUP annual general meeting, in which it flagged that it remained on the lookout for strategic acquisitions, particularly those that would support its move into the global sports data industry.

This time last year IXUP underwent a significant board and management restructure, which triggered a review of IXUPs strategic aims, its technology and its commercialisation strategy.

This review found that while the IXUP go to market strategy needed work there was scope to incorporate a product with lower levels of encryption to broaden its technology suite. To address this last issue, the company acquired the assets of Data Republic, after it was placed in voluntary administration.

During the year it has also acquired DataPOWA, which has developed a tool to disrupt the sports sponsorship and marketing industry through its artificial intelligence powered valuation tool.

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