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Control Bionics (CBL) designs, manufactures and sells wireless wearable electromyography based augmentative and alternative communication technology. This allows users to operate and communicate via a computer using intentional thought and the body’s own neuroelectric signals detected at skeletal muscle sites .... the physical movement of a muscle is not necessary for the technology to detect and interface.


Control Bionics is a pioneer in the field of neuroelectric control as the technology uses smart algorithms to detect, synthesise and convert EMG signals into code which can interface with and control a broad range of electronic devices.


Control Bionics is currently focused on implementing its sales strategy in the USA, Canada and Australia and is also in the process of developing the growth strategy to expand into Asian and European markets. From late 2019, Control Bionics can affix the CE Mark to NeuroNode products which allows for European market access.


listed toda, 07 Dec. IPO price of 60c raising $15 million. Out of the blocks and trading $1.10 to 1.20 range


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