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Any car Buffs out there?


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I know there will be some people out there with good memories (or at least better than mine), who are interested in cars as more than a means of getting from a to B.

Just recently, I met up with an elderly gentlemen from the boondocks who showed me a fibreglass car he had in his shed.

He told me it was one of the many kit cars that were supplied in OZ, wherby the floor plan, engine and mechanicals were from a VW beetle, with the sleek whizz bang fibreglass shells bolted to the chassis.

The Purvis Eureka was probably the most popular, but there were others .

This one had gull wing doors, recessed pop up headlights and looked very much like an 80's era Lotus Elan or Elite.

He reckons there were only ever two in existence, but after hours of searching the web, cannot find any info about it.

Any one out there got something stirring in the brain cells??


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Well, I ended up buying the Charger.

It needs a bit of work after sitting in shed for 30 odd years, but has kept me occupied for the first two days of the Victorian lockdown.

Not a lot of body to fix, but the interior is pretty much trashed.

The real question is the engine and running gear.

Do I spend months and lots of money looking for a 1.7 litre turbo engine and disc brake running gear form a Porsche 914, or maybe larger engine from a 944?

Or do I trash the engine and turn it into an electric powered rocket?

There are a number of orgs (one in Brisbane) who do complete conversion swaps for beetles with all electrics from tesla.

The down side is that I would be giving money to Elon Musk, something that goes against the grain.

Either way is going to cost a fair bit of money, so will need to sharpen my trading skills for a while.


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