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Thanks Merc;

now, Feb 29 is history; has there been an extension? Or a cancellation?

Neither is obvious in the list of this year's ASX announcements...

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I guess that is the key to the past few days excitement. It was supposed to be announced by Monday. Came out today....price rising in anticipation...


Naturally the AFrican countries have many reasons to want investment...not to mention higher bribery opportunities.


Good for everyone...especially China with 61% DSO 31 million tonnes for 10 years... Could lessen need for RIO and BHP.




Keep a lid on prices.


Anyway....looks like it is just up to Chinese Gov't to make the promise topay...and the price is 57cts.



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One other thing that's changed - in another rotten day overall - is Market sentiment.

The announcement brought SDL back into people's minds and some of them decided it was time to take a position.

I did too - right in the Opening Auction, but traded the upswing and am now in the market for a slightly larger position lower down.


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