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In reply to: Zaitech on Thursday 14/06/07 10:23am

Well given the rise the spike stall dip was to be expected..ie where she spikes up often in the morning session stalls and dips..


Now with the Investor/Trader strategy you [1] lock in trading profits on spike and [2] wait to buy back on dip whilst [3] continuing to let your investment parcel [bought well below 0.10] ride...KISS


Happy Trading


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I was in a stock like this a few years back before anyone knew about it much... Fortescue Mining. It had the goods, just like SDL - it was up against a giant, and after a while, I thought it had too much going against it despite having the goods. I sold out at 0.55 cents. And...look at it now, I would have been home and hosed and sitting pretty - and FMG has not even started producing yet!!


This stock's potential reminds me very much of Fortescue. Only I think it has heaps more potential. It has good backing in its major shareholders, it has a brilliant management with proven skills, it is in a country which supports its project and is not against a major giant like BHP . I think it has enormous potential to replicate what FMG has done.. I am in it for the long haul. I got in a few weeks ago at 0.29 and have no intention of trading it. Instead, will accummulate on dips and wait for it to grow.... http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/biggrin.gif



I have seen it happen before my eyes and this time, I will not doubt as I did with FMG. I will believe and happily wait for the news to come... http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/rolleyes.gif

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In reply to: belombre on Saturday 16/06/07 09:48am

Hi Belombre


I agree with you completely. I too have got into stocks early on sound research, taken profits, moved off to others, only to return and see the thing has surged.


SDL is a no brainer....good management....non-JORC deposit BUT significant.


I was in at 12.5c.....took some profits at 48.5c on the way back down....but bought that quantity back at 36.5c and .......


I have a feeling this is another FMG....wouldn't it be nice in 5 years to sitting on a couple of hundred thousand shares at $12:}:}:}







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In reply to: towie on Saturday 16/06/07 07:53pm

Interested to know why you think it will not be an FMG????


I have seen figures of 1billiont @ 60%FE touted by the company.



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In reply to: grahame11 on Saturday 16/06/07 08:38pm

Hi it is not in Australia and a lot more work has to be done . I hold this stock and have topped up in the last few days .FMG was in the right place at the right time I did hold and sold to early . Happy to hold SDL and see it become a 10 bagger plus Towie

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In reply to: opptimistic on Saturday 16/06/07 09:13pm

Hi I think that it is a 10 Bagger from here but this will not happen untill good infill drills come in maybe 3---6 months I am happy to hold my original holding and some of my latest purchases could be for trading Cheers Towie

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In reply to: towie on Saturday 16/06/07 10:05pm

i got into this one at 9.9 cents, never had a share run like this before. How long can it continue for? Is it worth buying more at this prices...so many questions.... so many tangibles... think i will just enjoy the ride for now.

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