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Open an account. Read widely. Run a watchlist. Understand the company you are wishing to buy. Do paper trades. When it comes to committing your money, with luck you will lose some but not all, and this will be a salutary lesson.


(I mean that kindly. Experience is the only teacher. If all these systems and analyses were so good, how come their proponents haven't retired rich).

And in the paper today

A trio of derivatives trading firms that targeted retail investors with high-risk products have been hit with a $75 million penalty by the Federal Court in a case brought by the corporate regulator.


AGM Markets will pay a fine of $35 million while OT Markets and Ozifin will pay $20 million each after Justice Beach found the firms had engaged in unconscionable conduct.


That resulted in clients losing around $32 million from trading complex and risky Over the Counter Derivatives such as contracts for difference.


The ruling will result in about 10,000 former clients receiving refunds from the firms which have been placed in liquidation. He said that while CFDs may be used as legitimate investments to hedge risks, most retail investors lost money trading these products due to excessive leveraage.







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