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PainChek Ltd (PCK) backed into another carcass in Jan 2018. Had a bit of a run last year ... 5c to 35c but bumped back down to 10c.


It is engaged in the development and commercialization of mobile medical device applications, that automate intelligent pain assessment of individuals who are unable to communicate their pain with carers. PCK is involved in provision of pain management and better medication for residents living with dementia and other communication difficulties. The company has obtained regulatory clearance in Australia and Europe.

The PainChek Technology:

The company uses cameras in smartphone and tablets to analyze facial recognition software to detect presence of facial microexpressions that are indicative of pain. The technology has been TGA and CE Mark cleared for use as a class 1 medical device to assess pain in people who are unable to verbalise, such people with dementia.

The caregiver uses PainChek to record observations of pain related behaviours, the software then calculates an overall pain score and stores the result allowing the caregiver to monitor the effect of medication and treatment overtime.


Picked up Govt R&D tax incentive ($800k; Feb), Bed Milestone incentive ($1.25mill; March); granted patents and regulatory clearances (various countries); raised $10mill in placement (Aug); Has launched in Aust and Europe/ UK, in enterprises (Hospitals/ Age care facilities) and likely to launch for Home Care soon (5 x the market), plus likely in USA and Canada in 2021/22 ..



The use of an App on a mobile phone gives portability, especially in these Covid times. Elimination of subjectivity would be a core issue, and having SaaS and digital access to records would be a great advance in access to information. From the 08 Aug investor Presentation:

- Using video/AI to automate the facial expression assessment – eliminating subjectivity & improving accuracy

- Eliminating paperwork – all digital 42 data points with prompts = faster assessments

- Automatic logging of pain scores over time – monitor trends

- Integrates into medical records

- Helps care homes meet accreditation standards & protect income & revenues


Also from the Presentation; startling advantage if true:

1. Attractive pricing for rapid enterprise adoption, $4 per bed per month

2. Patent coverage & no direct competition – PainChek has first mover advantage for 15 years+

3. Some 80-85%+ gross margins – very low cost of goods sold

there is a new 15 minute webinar available:


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