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If Scotty from Marketing were an investor/trader, he would be saying "how good is ASM".

And today it hit 4 bucks, up another 12%, after the announcement it has produced an 8kg sample of Zirconium from its trial plant.

It seems that the punters just can't get enough of this stock!

The only unfortunate part is the following

“ I am returning to Korea to continue investment discussions, oversee the design and construction of

a 250 kg per day continuous metal plant in Korea, and to continue advancing discussions for a

potential partner in the metal business.†Mr Woodall said.

Would have been nice to have built that factory here in OZ.


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And in another goos piece of news, ASM has produced some ferro rare earth permanent magnets.

ASM has produced 200kg of ferro-neodymium (FeNd - Nd 80.3%, Fe 19.9%), a key

constituent of strip cast permanent magnet alloys.

• ASM is working with the Korea Institute for Rare Metals (KIRAM) to produce a strip

cast permanent magnet alloy which will be formed and sintered into permanent


• Samples of permanent magnets will be distributed to Korean industry for evaluation.


Should be a good for ASM.


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I seem to be the only person interested enough in ASM to post anything ,on ASM, which is a little surprising given its meteoric rise.

On October 13 I said

If Scotty from Marketing were an investor/trader, he would be saying "how good is ASM".


Well, things just keep getting better.


rom todays ASX release

Australian Strategic Materials (ASX:ASM) (ASM) has successfully confirmed the commercial

scalability of its innovative metallisation process with the production of 120kg of titanium

copper alloy (99.5% purity) at its facility in Korea.

ASM’s Ziron Tech team produced two 60kg runs of the titanium copper alloy at a rate

equivalent to approximately 1,000kg per day. This result is significantly above the targeted

250kg per day production rate, outlined in the agreement between ASM and Dongkuk

Refractories and Steel Co Ltd (DK R&S), announced on 2 November 2020.ASM Managing Director, David Woodall said “The successful commercial production run of

titanium metal alloy is a significant result for the ASM team in Korea. What is even more

pleasing is that this result was achieved using a newly registered patented improvement to

our metallisation process, which has more than doubled the metal yield. We continue to

discuss with DK R&S how we can accelerate the development of a metal processing plant in


“In addition to producing metal products from our Dubbo Project in central west NSW, ASM

now has the potential to develop a significant business unit around titanium and other

metals. This provides a tremendous foundation for ASM and its shareholders.â€


Still wish the commercialisation of the plant was happening in OZ, but I guess the costs of here versus Kore would a big factor.

perhaps a little political play as well.



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If the expression of being a Dick for a Tick, of missing a trade because of an unwillingness to meet the market, then I have been a complete Dag for a Bag, and do not hold, even though following, posting,telling myself I should (and had money on the sidelines waiting) ever since ASM came out of Alkane and especially when it bounced around a buck level for a week or so.


I hear the Rare Earths story, there are just so many convergences happening for there not to be opportunity (China dominance, EV uptake, wind power, the green and glorious future) but the nature of finding a winner is hard. and the reality of what happened in 2010 / 11 when RE prices roared ahead only to fall back. So many small cap players are in on a wing and a prayer but bringing in a bit of dirt involves a process that appears hard. Proving up, finding partners, building plant.. getting end users on board. All up, it seems to be beyond most minnows. ASM has momentum and capacity, and seems to have done it!!!.

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ASM in trading halt, have no idea why.

Half yearly came out today, and I couldn't see anything that was out of the ordinary for this stock.

I would expect a bit of a capital rating some time in the future, as they have about 15 mill in cash, about another 18 months based on the first six months of trading.

A few buyers have popped high bids in, so perhaps those who are in the know or think they are in the know, have got in early.


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