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seems to have stabilised in the 90c to $1.05 range.

News coming out is positive; today:

The ASM joint venture partner has produced high purity (99.83%) titanium metal powder through its new electrorefining process at the commercial pilot plant in South Korea. This was the final stage of the patented metal process that confirms 50% less energy is used than traditional methods. ASM will now focus on the production of dysprosium, praseodymium and zirconium metals in August
and this follows the earlier Ann from 30 July:
• Successful production of 7.6 kg of neodymium metal

• Assay confirms neodymium produced is at 99.8% purity

• Metal purity is higher than typically traded neodymium metal

• Validation of the patented carbon free metallisation technology for rare earth metals

might be on a winner here (and pilot plant in S Korea rather than, say, Malaysia, could be handy)

b..b... But it is still early days. As from elsewhere

ASM will need to raise $1.3B to get their ducks lined up.

Current Dubbo Project IRR is about 18% but quite few unknowns


Lots more will be known by end of year,.....

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  • 2 weeks later...

produced another sample of a different REM from pilot plant.

Mr market seemd to like it, back up to 1.20

Now if only they could somehow get the major plant built in Dubbo.

Get the govt to subsidise a few hundred thousand solar panels next door to provide power, and all boxes would be ticked.


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