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got to $1.70 ... I wonder if this will help things




• Australian Lung Health Initiative Pty Ltd (ALHI), a consortium incorporated and led by 4DMedical, has been awarded $28.9 million in funding over the next five years as part of the Federal Government's Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) Frontier Health and Medical Research initiative (Stage Two)

• The funding will be used by ALHI to develop two generations of dedicated, low dose lung function scanners (XVD Scanners™) that provide safe, easy and rapid lung analysis of adults and children

• 4DMedical has been granted the exclusive right to commercialise XVD Scanners and will be responsible for the global sale and marketing of XVD Scanners in the field of lung health

• XVD Scanners will be integrated with 4DMedical’s proprietary XV Technologyâ„¢, significantly increasing the addressable revenue opportunity and driving the adoption of the Company’s Softwareas-a-Service (SaaS) offering at medical institutions

• ALHI was previously awarded $1.1 million in Stage One funding that was used to successfully develop and deliver a Generation One XVD Scanner concept

• Stage Two of the project aims to bring Generation One and Generation Two scanners to commercialisation, with first units expected to be deployed in Australian hospitals for clinical trials within the next 12 months


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Lung imaging software company 4DMedical has secured almost $70 million in funding from a mix of government and institutional investors to develop a lung scanner that emits a fraction of the radiation of a CT machine.


On Thursday the company said it had closed an oversubscribed $40 million placement to institutional investors, priced at $1.55 per share and it had also been awarded a $28.9 million from the government’s Medical Research Future Fund, via its Australian Lung Health Initiative consortium.


The announcement is the beginning of a long-held goal for 4DMedical chief executive Andreas Fouras, who envisaged creating such a device when he founded the company in 2012.

Our current XV technology is the only product that connects to existing equipment all around the world and offers the very best scan possible today. The XVD product is an offering that will sit side by side with the existing hospital equipment out there, Dr Fouras said.

We have a clear timeline, we've done our homework. We expect to have a system in an Australian hospital early next year, then we expect to be in front of the regulator later on in that year and then the year after (2023) we'll have product in the market.

We already have some customers saying they want this product. The level of interest is very solid, it is international and it's even from folks that aren't exposed to the XV technology currently.


Today, lung imaging is traditionally done on a CT scan machine, which allows radiologists to look at different levels, or slices, of the lungs using a rotating X-ray beam. While that gives an overall picture of how much air the lungs take in, with 4DMedical's software in the market today, analysts can determine if there are parts of the lungs getting less air.


The downside of these scans, however, is the high amount of radiation they involve, in comparison with an X-ray.


The first iteration of 4DMedical's XVD Scanner, Dr Fouras says, will have a similar level of radiation to an X-ray (about 1 per cent of the amount of a CT scan), while the second generation of the product they intend to have 10 times less the radiation of a traditional X-ray, or 1000 times less than a CT.


The scans will also be faster, taking just 10 seconds versus six minutes in a CT....


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Am looking to put some into the SPP


But, after it closed an oversubscribed $40 million placement to institutional investors, priced at $1.55 per share and it had also been awarded a $28.9 million from the government's Medical Research Future Fund, they are only wanting to take in $1M from shareholders.


I feel a scaleback coming on; especially as the last few days, trading has lifted from low $1.50's to above $1.80

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The SPP was strongly supported by existing eligible shareholders and was substantially oversubscribed. The Company received 1,873 applications totalling approximately $32 million at the issue price of $1.55, the same issue price as the successful $40 million institutional placement completed on 4 March 2021.


Given the response to the SPP and to accommodate the outstanding support of existing shareholders, 4DMedical's Board of Directors has exercised its discretion to increase the SPP offer to $6 million from the original $3 million targeted.




And came across this in an announcement by Predictive Analytics and Artificial Intelligence company Houston We Have (ASX:HWH) , acquiring ECHO IQ, another specialist artificial intelligence company focused on using powerful diagnostic triage technology.

Leading imaging businesses such as GE have already signaled the importance of AI with the development of Edison which is designed to help health providers take advantage of data in new and significant ways. Their new AI powered XRay device is reducing the time needed to detect critical lung issues.

I never thought 4DX had a stranglehold, even with their patents and early start. Let's hope for rapid and positive results, now it has a Strong balance sheet position with cash balance exceeding $80 million.

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so glad my entitlement was scaled back..... Because it means I am less under water than those ahead of retail in the queue.


Basically, it has been downhill since soon after the cap raising in late March. In fact from the start of 2021, we have seen slippage from $2.40 highs, stabilised around $1.0 in March / April but the last 6 weeks has seen further selling, as low as $1.14 late May.

There probably was a bit of tax loss selling tossed into the disappointment; today some buying has lifted 4DX by 10c to be above $1.40. Volume is not convincing; possibly just fatigue?

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and, finally, back to around the placement price on this news



• 4DMedical has signed a contract with multinational pharmaceutical company Novartis for the commercial use of XV Lung Ventilation Analysis Software (XV LVAS™)

• XV LVAS will be used to assess patient outcomes in a clinical program focused on validating pharmaceutical therapies to treat Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

• The clinical program will be conducted at the University of Miami in the U.S., as part of the 4DMedical Functional Lung Imaging Research Program

• This contract represents the first commercial use of XV LVAS in the pharmaceutical industry


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• Cash reserves $80.9m, with nil debt

• Total income $5.8 million, up 71%, including sales revenue $0.2m (excludes the Preclinical Scanner sale contract with University of Michigan)

• Operating costs $24.5m, up 52%

• Net loss after tax $21.4m, down 3%

• Successful Initial Public Offering (IPO) raising $50.0m of new capital

• Obtained TGA Class 1 approval for XV Lung Ventilation Analysis Software (XV LVAS)

• ALHI awarded $28.9m from the Australian Federal Government's MRFF to fund the development and commercialisation of the world’s first dedicated lung scanner .... XVD Scanner™

• Subsequently completed a $46.0m capital raising to support the XVD Scanner and provide balance sheet flexibility for future growth opportunities

• Secured streamlined access to U.S. Department of Defense and Veterans Affairs contracts

• Eight clinical trials and three clinical pilots currently active at leading medical institutions

Over the past 12 months, we have made important steps towards commercialisation via our clinical trial and clinical pilot programs. The Company currently has eight clinical trials at some of the world’s most innovative and renowned hospitals, well ahead of our initial expectations. In combination with our clinical pilots, these activities are integral to driving awareness and adoption of XV LVAS as key opinion leaders in specific indications use and familiarise themselves with our technology.

We have seen a significant shift in momentum in the past few months, with our pipeline of clinical trials and pilots experiencing significant growth. Additionally, 4DMedical has been highly successful in attracting top class talent during the year, doubling our headcount to 95 employees over the period, ensuring that we are well placed to achieve our commercialisation goals in FY22 and beyond



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to date, the performance of 4DX since the initial flurry after listing (73c running quickly to $2.80) in mid 2020 has been disappointing, as it fell off just as quickly,  and even the rights issue at $1.65 has been soggy. At $1.20 overnight, this is a double low.

Perhaps the news of first commercial scans to commence in December may make a difference, and the SP turn around?

• Commercial rollout of XV LVAS™ software with I MED, Australia’s largest diagnostic imaging provider, commencing with an initial clinic in December 2021, with two more to follow in early 2022

  • Commercial arrangement follows completion of 4DMedical’s detailed 12 month pilot program with I-MED and follows overwhelmingly positive feedback from radiologists and patients
  • First revenues from I MED will be received with commencement of commercial rollout
  • Broader commercial expansion across the I MED network is subject to successful rollout of the initial clinics
  • I MED has nationwide coverage representing significant opportunity for XV LVAS™ in Australia alone

• 4DMedical has a strong near term commercialisation pipeline in the large, valuable US market, in particular within the Veterans Affairs healthcare system

• Strong cash position with $72.2 million held as at 30 September 2021

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