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Dirk intimating he can smell a rat. The last comment in the convo isn't mine but it could just as well be.



A week ago: -no EU order (--> EU had said manufacturing was gating) - no confidence in reg submissions Today: -100+100M EU order - reg submissions covering population of 1.7B - August WHO listing likely +firm guidance on future submissions and scale-up SAME PPS.8:30 PM · Aug 7, 2021·Twitter Web App


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A Tsunami of Disability Is Coming as a Result of 'Long COVID'

Consider the numbers we know. At least 34 million Americans (and probably many more) have already contracted COVID. An increasing number of studies find that greater than one fourth of patients have developed some form of long COVID. (In one study from China, three quarters of patients had at least one ongoing symptom six months after hospital discharge, and in another report more than half of infected health care workers had symptoms seven to eight months later.) Initial indications suggest that the likelihood of developing persistent symptoms may not be related to the severity of the initial illness; it is even conceivable that infections that were initially asymptomatic could later cause persistent problems. For some, symptoms have now continued for many months with no apparent end in sight, with many survivors fearing that they will simply have to adjust to a "new normal." More and more sufferers have not been able to return to work, even months after their initial illness. While the number of patients with persistent illness remains undetermined this early in the pandemic, estimates suggest that millions of Americans may enter the ranks of the permanently disabled.



The related health care and disability costs are also still unknowable. How many "long haulers" will never be able to return to work? How many will need short-term disability payments? How many will be permanently disabled and become dependent on disability programs?

As increasing numbers of younger people become infected, will we see an entire generation of chronically ill? We must actively work to better understand the size and scope of the problem and begin planning now.


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NSW Police Minister David Elliott and Health Minster Brad Hazzard reportedly clashed over the new rules, but they were eventually granted and are expected to be finalised today or early on Friday.





if NSW get rid off that stupid, eragon Hazzard when Ruby princess shity happened last year , NSW might have not in current miserable situation!! imho :weirdsmiley:

but labour party even worse, what kinda opposition party is that???????????? only channel10's "project" playing opposition now!! WTF. !!



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NZ in Level Four lockdown. Nothing moves unless its essential in other words.


I cannot for the life of me, understand why people who have been vaccinated have to be made to undergo these abuses.


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If you have been vaccinated you can still carry the virus and pass it on to other people that have not been vaccinated. The vaccination gives you a resistance to the virus and as such you do not get as sick.

The number of hospitalisations drops considerably. The UK still has a fairly high transmission rate but the hospitalisations are about a tenth of what they were..

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If you have been vaccinated you can still carry the virus and pass it on to other people that have not been vaccinated.

The same way as if the individual had not been vaccinated you mean?

Two Australian kids at least would still be around if it were not for this "cure". I wonder if Mully is losing sleep at night. If not, he should be.


This is a wet dream for today's Mengeles.






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At least one of the two kids did NOT die from the Covid infection .....


Osama Suduh died after contracting pneumococcal meningitis and while he also had COVID-19, it was not the reason for his admission to hospital or cause of death.



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Did he contract it before or after receiving his vaccine?


If before, how was fit enough to present himself for the vaccine?

Bet we never hear from the parents saying their boy was a fit healthy boy before he went for his jab. It reminds me of the deaths of young women from the Guardasil jab. But this is on a scale which is off the dial.


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