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Sydney must hit five and under to lift lockdown: MacIntyre

Jill Margo


Global biosecurity expert Professor Raina MacIntyre says it would not be acceptable for Sydney to relax restrictions unless there are between zero and five cases in the community on Thursday, which will be reported on Friday morning.


Anything higher would be too risky, she says.



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Sydney is confused'


We all knew, and still know, that the Delta variant is so much more transmissible and she never adopted a stance that made it look like she was taking this more seriously than Dan Andrews was, but she had every reason to."


Lisa noted how PM Scott Morrison previously deemed the NSW Premier's approach to lockdowns the 'gold standard' among other states and territories.


"She had the Prime Minister at the same time saying, 'Gladys is the gold standard of how you do these sorts of lockdowns', and so Sydney has kind of been confused.


"It's no surprise to anybody that the [NSW Covid case] numbers are the way they are."




my thoughts is----- "where the hell of is opposition leader?? is that his job to attack this obvious wrong doing??""

think it is balance whom once said " the opposition is not countable anymore" . i think it is so true !!! :weirdsmiley:


i was so upset when hear Brand Hazzard said " we might have to live with the virus " . i guess tax payer paid him too much , so he can crew up NSWs people from ruby princess to northem beach till now "we have to live with virus" !! WTF. opposition leader should come out to demand his head imho!!

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Waiting for the end of experimental drug testing to get sufficient data to ascertain the safest and most efficacious vaccine.


It can kill you. Especially if you have a underlying condition.


The data always refers to new infections. Nobody ever reports the recovery rate.

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