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The benefits are that once you are dead, you are no longer contagious.


Which is worse, the disease or the cure?



UK: Benefits outweigh risks for AstraZeneca despite 7 deaths</h2>LONDON (AP) — Britain's medicines regulator is urging people to continue taking the AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine, despite revealing that seven people in the U.K. have died from rare blood clots after getting the jab.
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CDC serious events post vaccine ....


180 million USA shots and about 50 million have had 2 shots .... 80 odd million a single shot.




60,607 Serious events.


This is Pfizer and Moderna vaccine.


A rate of well over 300 per million. About 30 times the worst vaccine in common use prior to this.


Reactions for oxford astra normally occur with the first shot ..... running at about 110 per million via UK yellow card site numbers on 27 million shots.


Pfizer and Moderna shots are clearly, without a doubt more of an extreme concern.


Right now media is worrying about Oxford via what appears to be a hatchet job on their vaccine.


Every year people get sick.


There is a a background rate for people getting blood clots. Its about 1/1000 a year ... so over 27 million shots .... one would expect in say a 2 week monitoring period some to get blood-clots irrespective of the vaccine. Massively more than the 35 or so reported.


Again for the low platlet count ... ones, likely via diagnosed auto immune or non diagnosed. Rarer but still at 100 a year and 100 unidentified, same sort of thing, Moderna and Pfizer not getting any flack for rates off the scale and Oxford/ Astra vaccine with rates at 33% of them .... is being roasted.

No data on J+J as yet.




Data on Pfizer and Modern vaccine is actually damming if any journalist actually looked.


Overall not happy with any of them. If say a shingles vaccine had 10 extreme reactions per million and was not seen as a good thing, how does 110 or 300 reactions make it any better ?


Not anti vaccine, quite the opposite, however more science and less USA based fairy floss would be appreciated prior to getting my own vaccine. Of course that decision is out of my hands anyhow due to extreme incompetence bordering upon propaganda. Its unlikely the vaccine will become available to the under 65 till say October 2021 and by then, lots more data will be in.


The fact that Pfizer claimed an anaphylactic reaction to their vaccine is normal, in a Queensland news conference is disgusting as the Chief MD there who said its ok for those with severe allergies or auto immune issues to take this junk when every other nation is not recommending this to occur. Thankfully she has 6 months to work out the science prior to getting any meaning flu vaccine supply. Yes its normal to almost die from a vaccine on the spot !!


Make what you will of this data .... its hard data.. Factual ..... 60,607 ... reactions severe ones.


In the trials of Moderna and Pfizer which totaled over 50,000 .... magically NO one ... not a single person had an extreme adverse reaction.



Now the rate is clearly in the USA well above 300 per million .... or 15 per 50,000 ...

Begs to question did they actually just sift out the results they did not like in vaccine trials ? It is not credible or possible for this not to have occurred. Maybe they just called it a moderate reaction .... almost dying as the Canadian criteria for an extreme reaction calls it ...


Canada runs a decent site on vaccine reactions, all be it 3-4 weeks in arrears. Its terminology is a serous event is an extreme life threatening one and its clearly running at around 120 per million of life threatening events which are clearly immediate type reactions to the vaccine.




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More doubts. No wonder Saint J in NZ is prevaricating. Pity about the plebs.



AstraZeneca vaccine ‘strongly associated’ with blood clots

The AstraZeneca vaccine is “strongly associated†with blood clots in the brain and mostly affects women aged under 60, an urgent investigation by the European Medicines Agency has found.


In Britain, both men and women aged under 30 will now be offered an alternative vaccine to AstraZeneca because of increasing evidence the vaccine is linked to deadly clots which have killed 19 Britons, three of whom were aged under 30.


The dramatic findings out of Europe that possibly link the vaccine to very rare cases of unusual blood clots with low blood platelets could now impact on the suitability of providing the AstraZeneca vaccine for younger women in Australia.


The findings will put pressure on the federal government to follow the UK lead and readjust its vaccination strategy. Australia currently offers the Pfizer BioNTech vaccine to frontline health care workers, quarantine staff and the elderly.


“So far, most of the (blood clot) cases reported have occurred in women under 60 years of age within two weeks of vaccination,†the EMA found in its investigation. Blood clots appear to affect women at a rate of more than three times than they affect men.



Dr Sabine Straus, the EMA safety committee chair, said the reporting rate of people developing brain clots, known as cerebral venous sinus thrombosis (CVST), or abdominal clotting called splanchnic vein thrombosis, was one or two per 100,000 doses of AstraZeneca.




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Shame there was no contingency planning for vaccine supplies here like there was put in place in countries like the UK and Canada. More and more it looks like it was the state governments that steered us through the COVID surges despite the worst efforts of the feds. The vaccine roll-out was where Morrison could have showed his competence but ... (as macrobusiness noted: "I don't hold the syringe, mate").
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Something unusual about this Novavax vaccine. Its supposed to be the most efficacious of them all but still has not received any approval for use. Yet people are dying on the AZ one and its still being pushed. Now Australia is going for it and Germany are in talks with Russia for theirs.


Can't tell me games aren't being played.



Novavax firms as third vaccine for Australia</h1>

Jill MargoHealth editorApr 8, 2021 – 10.20amAustralia's regulator is assessing early data about the Novavax vaccine, which has a high chance of becoming the country's third vaccine against COVID-19.

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Why there is something fishy about the holding back of the Novavax vaccine. No North Atlantic FTA yet either.


Multivalent Dirk Haussecker@RNAiAnalyst·7hCompare: $NVAX interim results end of January...EU approval maybe June. $CVAC pivotal study not even fully recruited...expects EU approval same time.

I think JNJ are using the adeno virus as well as AZ. Now they are having problems.


Which would you rather have, the disease of the cure?




A mass vaccination site at Dick's Sporting Goods Park in Colorado was shut down after several adverse reactions to the Johnson & Johnson CCP virus vaccine, said Centura Health, which is managing the site.
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