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steroid used in meds can save lifes but the side effects is something to worry about. it is common sense in med's field.

save life first , and worry about other thing later in this case i guess!!.


Dexamethasone . is the treatment ?? :unsure:


it all belong to scientists to figure it out in the end!!



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Perfectly safe. No need to worry about a thing. Make sure you get yours nipper.





Meg Tirrell@megtirrell·2hThis is a truly bizarre situation. NIAID says the data safety monitoring board for AZ's #covid19 vaccine trial notified it that it was concerned AZ included outdated efficacy information in its release yesterday. No further details. (1)
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I am getting bombarded with demands from the Covid administrators to confirm and turn up for my appointment to be vaccinated.


I point blank refuse until I see Jacinda and Bloomfield take theirs.


At the moment they are pushing the Pfizer one. I will wait and see which one Jacinda and Bloomfield take.


I am dumbfounded why they would opt for the Novavax one first and then ditch it entirely. I am sure political and economic power plays are in train and while Jacinda says she will get one when the mass roll out begins, the fact is, the mass roll out may not be with the Pfizer vaccine if they can change their minds at the drop of a hat.


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I'm not one of them and nor will I be until Jacinda and Bloomfield get theirs.


To have this many people swamp one centre kind of says its not just the front line staff members and the most at risk members of society who are getting the vaccines. In other words the mas roll out is underway already.




Long queues faced people who had booked appointments for Covid-19 vaccine shots at an Auckland vaccination centre today. One woman faced an hour wait beyond her booking time.
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When the first batch of vaccines arrived, Jacinda when asked if she would be getting hers batted the question away with the suave answer of, no, I can't justify taking it ahead of those most in need. Those most in need should go first. I will get mine when the mass roll out starts. Not verbatim but along those lines.

Now, it appears the mass roll out has begun. She still hasn't had hers and nor has Bloomfield.


They have not even stated a start date for the mass roll out.


Leadership is more than gesticulation while standing at a lectern talking to the media with strong intonation. She needs to show some. The longer she dodges it, the greater the suspicions. It will be even worse if she skips the Pfizer vaccine in favour of a another.


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