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NZ Director-General of Health will take a shot and make it publicly known when he does. The PM however has deferred her shot until some later date but before the mass vaccination programme is rolled out. An obvious sign of leadership if ever there was one. We saw the same thing with Fauci but not Trump.


I am left wondering if ScoMo has got his.


I can't understand why with so many vaccination programmes underway around the world, NZ and Au. still haven't even begun theirs. Look at Israel. Russia and China are well down the track and we are supposed to be the western social leaders.


Something doesn't ring true in this tap test.

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We do not have a covid emergency, that's why NZ and Aust. have not rushed into vaccinating. It allowed our regulators time to review the various phase testing data and make a more considered decision. They also get data from others countries as they go live.


Israel have a special deal with Pfizer saying they will supply a lot of patient history and feedback in exchange for supply. It's a real life test, but considered appropriate by their gov't because they were losing thousands of people. here


Most countries around the world are covid basket cases and vaccinations were emergency authorizations by their regulatory authorities.Example


If China and Russia gave their people a dud vax there's no blow back, power is secure. If it happened here, it will become a make or break for a gov't.

Morrison got his the same day, publicly, as did our first recipient. Same for the chief medical officer and a number of front liners. Albanese and Bandt got theirs a few days ago too, again publicly.


NSW premier will get hers soon but she will be getting astra zeneca as will other leaders. It was planned this way so that people can see leaders "walking the walk" and getting either vax to increase confidence in the vaccine hesitant portion of the population.


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Must be a reason for Jacinda to be holding back. Vaccine has been in the country a week and I have not heard anything about how to get it or if anyone has received it.


The only thing I have heard is the vaccine can't be delivered immediately because they have to figure out how to distribute it. You would think that would've been resolved before it arrived.


It undermines the entire message of it being a very important matter.


No wonder why people don't take the message that seriously. Despite the lockdowns and daily news barrage.

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The problem is nobody can figure out how to get the vaccine there and who should be giving it.


They've done alright with press conferences and draconian laws though.





Political pressure is mounting on the Government to prioritise vaccinating South Aucklanders against Covid-19.


The urgency is palpable. You can hear it in what they are saying but I think the preference is for more lockdowns [sic]. Jacinda is going to wait until the second half of the year? That's leadership for you.


Over the next two to three weeks, border workers and their families will be vaccinated.


Health workers who are at risk of catching Covid-19 are next in line, with the wider public rollout expected to take place in the second half of the year.

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