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Couldn't agree more but that doesn't mean such events won't happen in the future. History doesn't predict future but it can repeat without studying it. Nor do you provide any insight into why the authorities are taking such a hard line stance in some instances but not others and making these temporary changes permanent. It sure as eggs isn't because of a virus.
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Australia has been built on immigration


We walk a fine line when we talk on this topic...

Immigration in itself is a valid concept. But there has to be limits, let me explain.

The main reason Australia has had such large immigration (in the last 15 years) was economic: We weren't importing skills. We weren't importing refugees. We didn't import businesses.


It was economic: Per capita, we've been in recession for quite some time. Covered up by immigration. That's right, increase immigration, GDP could stay positive.


But we weren't alone: I seen a study in USA that shown under Obama's reign, for every job created, one immigrant was imported.... Co-incidence??? Nah.

So the real issues occur, when "Melbourne' is allowed to happen: let me explain.In the 2007 draught, Victoria had severe water shortage:Since Then there has not been 1cent spent on increasing water storage.BUT! The population of Melbourne has increased 25%

HAHA: So that means, Per capita, their capacity for water storage has REDUCED to 80% of what it was in the draught!!!!

This is management at it's worst.

So then the shills scream "but we've got a desal plant"... Let's talk about that then: So how's Hazelwood going??? Oh, you shut your main generator down... So you import power from Tas, NSW, and laughably SA, which has some of the most expensive power generation in the world!!!!!

So you're going to use some of the most expensive power in the world, to run a desal plant for a city that has a growing population, with a shrinking water supply per capita... (let's not forget Australia is one of the dries places on earth)


Oh, to be a rich billionaire that owns power stations, renewable energy farms and desal plants... It's impossible to lose money.

Then of course, Melbourne has social pressures: Extremely unaffordable housing; and then you have immigration from nations where multiple generations live in one residence... This is crazy, water meter usage implies around 25% of dwellings in Melbourne are un inhabited.... Extreme unaffordability, but uninhabited....

This is management at it's worst.

So now it's not just a social issue, it's also racial.....

We know the media don't report the fully on the racial issues: Ask people that live there, what goes on never makes the news... You can't argue this stuff, you can dismiss it, ignore it... but it exists.

And then the unthinkable happened.... An infectious, deadly, health department destroying pandemic lands....

Some of these dwellings have 4 generations living in them: The kids in day care/primary school, mum and dad are working, the grand parents are likely working, and the grand parents are too poor (and it's a cultural thing) and don't want to live in aged care, so they too are in the dwelling...

Kids at school.Parents at workGrand parents at work.....

3 attack vectors for the virus to enter a house with elderly, at risk, individuals......

this is why the towers were locked down, with no one to leave: Because there was simply no way that even 'socially distancing' these guys in the community would protect those elderly: Impossible.

As it unfolds over the coming years, we'll see the masses wake up to the fact that the governments have mismanaged everything, except protecting their rich corporations: And this is to be expected, because the voters were too busy watching footy, flying to bali or disney land, or lining up to by the next iPhone... It's a complete disaster: It happened on the peoples watch, but they weren't watching.


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It will be a great shame if Australia follows the American path with race riots and people not wearing masks in protests.We are controlling the covid-19 problem so much better than America lets be like N.Z and show the world how to live with the virus under control and with humanity for our fellow people.



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Another one for the hypocrisy files.

From The OZ

Remember how we were all in this together?


Yes, well, it’s maybe time to forget that. Because if there is one thing this pandemic has shown us it’s that fame and money make the difference.


As for the people who are making the decisions to let the rich and famous get flights, and dodge hotel quarantine?


The latest outrage concerns Lord Sugar.


No, of course you’ve never heard of him, but never mind that.


He’s a celebrity in the UK! A self-made multi-millionaire! And if that’s not enough to impress you, he’s also the new host of Celebrity Apprentice Australia!

But at least in 14 day Quarantine isn't he?

Actually, no, that’s bunk.

He has in fact been given an exemption from hotel quarantine, just like Nicole and Keith, and Dannii and Tom Hanks and other stars working on the Elvis movie, and so on.


So, on one hand, you’ve got parents with toddlers stuck for two weeks in rooms without windows.


And then you’ve got Lord Sugar, ‘making his own arrangements.’


This in the nation that roundly rejected all that Bunyip Aristocracy nonsense, back in the 1850s.


That nation where Jack’s as good as his master, and probably even better.


Where passengers until very recently rode in the front seat of the taxi, and there was no tipping, since everyone earned a decent wage.


Well, hasn’t that proven to be a total crock? And sure, maybe it always was, but please at least spare us all the “we’re all in this together†nonsense.


Do you know something really revolting?


They put Charlie Gray — the partner of one of the young Australians lost at sea, after a live export ship capsized — in hotel quarantine for two weeks, leaving her to sit alone, night after night, to ponder his fate.


There was no exemption for her.


But sure, let’s all tug our forelocks for Lord Sugar. How sweet it must be.


Don't know which of the myriad governments let this one slip through, but it would seem to be with the connivance of both the NSW and Federal governments.

Didn't trump start off as the host of Celebrity Apoprentice?

Perhaps his sweetness is aiming to be president of the UK when the Queen finally falls off the Perch.


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And if anyone ever wants a cameo from loopy just spread the bile and hey, presto. There he is.


NZ alert levels to be reviewed today. Can't see it going down. Even though the rest of the country is in Level One (whatever happened to Level Zero?) and many Aucklanders have vacated Auckland to be out of Covid restrictions I can't see it changing any time soon. I don't believe its about a virus but more to do with changing how we live, work and play. The roads are better for it thats for sure.


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