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An interesting Gallup poll from the US shows a surprising level of support for most US institutions in the way these institutions are handling the virus.

from Gallup



Hereâââہ¡Ãƒâ€šÃ‚¬ÃƒÆ’¢Ã¢Ã¢â€š¬Ã…¾Ãƒâ€šÃ‚¢s the breakdown of approve/disapprove:


U.S. Hospitals: 88 percent vs. 10 percent.

Your childâââہ¡Ãƒâ€šÃ‚¬ÃƒÆ’¢Ã¢Ã¢â€š¬Ã…¾Ãƒâ€šÃ‚¢s school or daycare: 83 percent vs. 9 percent

Your state government: 82 percent vs. 17 percent

Your employer: 82 percent vs. 14 percent

Government health agencies such as the CDC or NIH: 80 percent vs. 17 percent

Vice President Mike Pence: 61 percent vs. 32 percent

President Donald Trump: 60 percent vs. 38 percent

Congress: 59 percent vs. 37 percent.


Gees, even Trump has a positive rating. he just beat Congress.

But way down the bottom of the list is the US Media.

The news media: 44 percent vs. 55 percent

it is the only one of the institutions where the approval rate is lower than the disapproval rate.


Gallop could not bring itself to mention the absolute figures showing how poorly the media rated

However, it did comment on the partisan nature of politics thusly


Only on the news media's handling of the coronavirus are Democrats more approving than Republicans -- 61% vs. 25%, respectively. Gallup has consistently found that Democrats have more confidence than Republicans in mass media.


Despite this, Gallops take on the figures


Americans are largely approving of how U.S. institutions and leaders are responding to the coronavirus situation.

Unless you are part of the media of course.


I guess given that orgs such as Gallop get a chunk of their income from the Media , they are unlikely to tip a bucketfull on their providers.



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Sweden has a different approach ....... trying to proceed as normal, with a few distancing guidelines. As this person says ....


Dr Emma Frans says history will be the judge of which politicians and scientists around Europe have made the best calls so far.

"Nobody really knows what measurements will be the most effective," she says. "I'm quite glad that I'm not the one making these decisions".


" I'm quite glad that I'm not the one making these decisions." And so say all of us !





ps So far, Sweden has 10 deaths per 1M pop, and Australia has 0-5 .

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I had an email from a mate in South Africa.

They are in complete lockdown- he can't even go out for a Jog.

One of the interesting aspects of South Africa is that given their incidences of AIDS, poor nutrition, high density population (at least in the non white townships), I would have thought that they woild have high rates of infections and high mortality rate as well.

They have had 1200 positive results from testing, and so far only 1 death.

They currently no cases in ICU. (which is good, as they don't have that many ICU Beds)..

The suggestion is that because the govt instituted a policy of compulsory vaccination against TB for the entire population, it is somehow providing a measure of immunity.

The Belgians are rushing through a 100 person double test to see how well the vacc correlates to immunity.

This is supported by OZ research

From science alert

Australian researchers are fast-tracking large-scale human testing to see if a vaccine used for decades to prevent tuberculosis can protect health workers from COVID-19, they announced Friday.

The trial of the BCG vaccine will be conducted with 4,000 health workers in hospitals around Australia to determine if it can reduce COVID-19 symptoms, the researchers at the Murdoch Children's Research Institute in Melbourne said.


"Although originally developed against tuberculosis, and still given to over 130 million babies annually for that purpose, BCG also boosts humans' 'frontline' immunity, training it to respond to germs with greater intensity," they said in a statement.


"We hope to see a reduction in the prevalence and severity of COVID-19 symptoms in healthcare workers receiving the BCG vaccination," said lead researcher Nigel Curtis.


He said the 4,000 subjects would be enrolled in the trial within weeks under a fast-tracked process with the approval of state and federal health authorities. "The clock is definitely ticking," he said.


Similar trials are being conducted in several other countries including the Netherlands, Germany and the United Kingdom.


Lets hope it shows a strong correlation.

I had a TB booster a while back when we were working in Vanuatu, hope its still current!!



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