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identitii Limited is an emerging Australian software company providing enterprise software for financial services and banking institutions.


Established in 2014, identitii has developed its own proprietary product called Serra, an application that enables the secure and trusted exchange of information (such as "Know Your Transaction" information) over financial networks, powered by a secure private blockchain.


identitii developed Serra through a two and a half year in-house research and development program, and has a long term product roadmap for additional features or 'add-ons'.


identitii's objective is to continue to commercialise its product, Serra, in the financial services industry and to build a global information network for financial institutions using Serra, to enable the secure, trusted and auditable exchange of detailed information over any financial network.

Listed on the ASX in October 2018 at 75c a share

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ID8 now around 30c a share; market cap about $30million. Company recently came out with an Investor Update and is now in a Trading Halt with Institutional Placement to raise some (more) capital.


Seem to be lots of challenges around. 25,000 banks, 765 billion non-cash transactions globally.


The ISO 20022, a "single standardisation approach (methodology, process, repository) to be used by all financial standards initiatives) is a standard that is global and all banks need to be compliant by 2023. ID8 claim to be part of this process. .... But has to be in partnership with existing systems (= legacy) Also the Open Banking ecosystem is evolving.

Open banking is the "practice of sharing financial information electronically, securely, and only under conditions that customers approve of. Application programming interfaces (APIs) allow third-parties to access financial information efficiently, which promotes the development of new apps and services."


To date, ID8 a license agreement with HSBC Global (UK) and recently signed a new agreement with HSBC Aust for the Overlay+ platform (which uses blockchain technology to enable seamless transfers that can be tracked and verified automatically requiring no manual input, completely compliant with the new ISO 20022 KYC standard); going live with this in 2Q2020


So many fintechs, so much at stake.

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did not buy this one, and for a good reason.


ID8 went for a capital raise in Feb, when it was trading around 19 to 20c range, and was in a Halt for nearly 4 months. When it returned, and Covid had reared its head during this time, they got away with an Institutional Offer of 1 new for 1 existing share at 7c . Raised all of $1.9million.


Since then, has traded on fair volume, held above the 7c level which is handy, and now around 9c. News coming out is sluggish, always talking about Tier 1 bank (HSBC) , moving into FX as well. A viable business?



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eat my words .... up 100%++

Mastercard and Identitii sign five-year agreement Overlay+ enables the secure and auditable collection and sharing of information related to financial transactions.


• Identitii has signed a five-year Agreement with Mastercard

• Agreement enables Identitii to sell to and work with any Mastercard business globally

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and retreated since the August kick (as they often do).... 8c to 26c and back to 14c


Director rotation and retirement not a good look


Quarterly Highlights

● First and second projects commenced under Mastercard MSA

● x15ventures invests in new Identitii subsidiary, Payble

● Receipts from customers of $0.665 million up 145% from previous quarter

● Like-for-like operating cash outflows up 8% from previous quarter

● US Patent approved for secure financial information sharing ecosystem

● $4.015 million raised via heavily oversubscribed placement

● $0.740 million annual R&D Tax Incentive received from the ATO

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and retreated since the August kick (as they often do).... 8c to 26c and back to 14c
and, one year later, having another go

...... got to 7c, but for the last two weeks ID8 has been on a tear, now 25c. Was it the FY21 Report that provided the impetus?

Citibank and Identitii intend to enter 5 year Master Services Agreement

Citibank to licence Overlay+ to streamline reporting, initially in Australia

Parties intend to commence with a live pilot later in 2021

Agreement follows Identitii win in Citi FinTech accelerator

Patent and Intellectual Property Update.... Identitii is progressing Its phased growth strategy



● Identitii filed patent applications in several global jurisdictions in August 2015. It was approved in the United States in December 2020, then granted in April 2021, and the Company recently filed additional claims in August 2021

● Identitii's unique Intellectual Property (IP) offering leverages global demand for systems that capture faster, complete, accurate and detailed transaction information

● Identitii has built the foundations for its global ecosystem for financial information, developing a platform that ingests, transforms and securely shares payment data

● The Identitii growth strategy is multi faceted, centred around commercialisation and expansion of Its platform, then leveraging the patent to create Its own ecosystem


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Hi again alonso. :)


I still have a few questions about this stock but may put my toe in for a while. Everyone hears when one of these type of stock goes stratospheric of course but it really is a game mostly of luck, even more so than with junior miners imo. I have a rubbish record with IT stocks (just as I have with medical stocks :( )


For me this is more of a top down punt than a bottom up analysis. I really do think that one of the ramifications of COVID will be a quantum leap in various applications of software / edge computing / AI / blockchain. It almost seems an accepted truth that in various applications progress that would have taken a decade or so to happen is taking place in months now. And AUSTRAC seem to take their regulatory enforcement role very seriously. That this firm seems to be getting nibbles from some of the big boppers does suggest that they are close to having a sellable product.

Anyway, here goes.


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