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Came across an interesting company today, Evoluyionaustralia


They have an eclectic mix of business models.

The first part is the distribution and installation of EV charging stations from private to corporate.

But the part that most interested me is where they take an existing ICE vehicle, and convert them to Electric vehicles.

A mate of mine is getting an early model Range Rover converted total EV at their factory.

I will be following it with great interest, as i have an early model landrover that I have started to restore.

Could be interesting.


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A tesla is way above my price range. I'm more a Leaf or Kona guy and even then I'd wince.

Is converting an old Range Rover worthwhile? You get a nice large EV, but it's still an old body 4WD with the limitations of an EV. Dragging around a big body car in town, but without the range one would like if out touring.


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Yeah,its probably not a great investment, and probably not practical.

But sometimes you just have to do things for the sake of doing them.

The 1952 landrover I have is in need of some love, affection and money.

The motor and possibly the gear box need rebuilding, and all the running gear will need to be replaced, but, hey, its better than passing it across some publicans bar!


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from the Hastings (HAS) Investor presentation for NdPr ..... magnets used in EVs:


• Europe saw significant EV growth of 44% in 2019, highest since 2016

• Automakers are relying on EVs to achieve Europe's 2020/21 carbon-dioxide emissions limits of 95 gm of CO2 per km for passenger cars

• EV markets in Europe will increase substantially due to customer incentives in places like Germany, France and Sweden

• Automakers launched 143 new EVs : 105 BEV and 38 PHEV in 2019. By 2022/23 approx 450 new EV models expected

• Germany with an expected volume of 856,000 EVs, could overtake Chinese players in 2020.

• China: due to the pandemic, government extended EV subsidies to end 2022 including RMB 10 billion (US$1.4 billion) in expanding the charging network.

• In first-quarter 2020, due to Covid 19, EV sales dropped 57 percent from 4Q 2019


Electric Vehicle (EV) growth = Demand for NdPr magnets

✓ Every EV powertrain requires ~1.5 to 2.0kg of NdPr

✓ CAGR of 9% for NdPr magnets 2020 thru 2025

✓ NdPr supply shortage expected >2022

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In Oslo, the city is introducing two dozen electric Jaguar taxis that will be able to wirelessly recharge on special pads embedded under the road while they wait for their next fare.

We think that wireless charging is a potential game-changer
said Sture Portvik, a manager for electromobility in the Oslo city government
and we are happy to assist by helping taxi drivers keep moving and not adding cable clutter to the city. By improving infrastructure and providing better charging to the taxi industry, we are confident that by 2024 all taxis in Oslo will be zero emission

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