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BMT announces a material five year contract worth US$7m (AU$9.7m) or US$1.4m annually with Ampath, a leading provider of pathology services in South Africa for the provision of its RippleDown® decision support product.

.... up from a low of 25.5c to 30c on what is a very poor day on the ASX.

RippleDown® is the BMT proprietary software which automates clinical and administrative process in healthcare, in pathology. RippleDown® reduces the time pathologists spend reading routine test results and improves the quality of data entry to drive financial efficiency.
The partnership with Ampath, which currently works with around 40% of South Africa’s private healthcare sector, follows a successful proof of concept pilot that examined how RippleDown® can help Ampath laboratories drive the best pathology services, better healthcare, safety and value for money.

The pilot report showed that Beamtree’s RippleDown® Expert technology could automate up to 90% of clinical interpretations which could prove an estimated saving of over 6,000 hours per annum of manual validation. Additional savings of up to 40,000 hours per annum of administrative time could be achieved with the RippleDown® Auditor functions.

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On 5/10/2022 at 12:13 PM, nipper said:

.... up from a low of 25.5c to 30c

an Update by BMT seems to have helped the recovery; pushing to 35c today

Our Products (with latest milestone updates on each provided in the Ann.)

Beamtree provides automation technology and data analytics that support health care providers to improve safety, increase effectiveness and reduce the administrative burden on clinical staff. The four key product categories include:
1. Diagnostic technology: powered by our flagship RippleDown® software products which automate expert decision making in clinical and administrative processes in pathology;
2. Coding Automation and data quality: our RippleDown® and PICQ® coding technologies improve data quality in health services, and are now using AI to develop new approaches to the automation of clinical record coding;
3. Clinical decision support: our suite of Ainsoff applications leverage RippleDown® with machine learning to transform patient safety through automation of clinical and administrative processes; and
4. Analytics and knowledge networks: we are field leaders in using data to benchmark quality and financial efficiency through national and global peer-to-peer alliances that accelerate innovation and knowledge management.

New contract wins since the start of 2022 worth $16m total contract value and around $3.0m per annum in revenue over the next 12 months.
• Accelerated international growth with sales of products and capabilities in the period, with Beamtree services now operating in more than 20 countries

And as they say; The impact of these achievements will not materially impact financial performance in the current financial year but will impact future years.

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