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As the close of the financial year approaches, PKS has seen a near complete contract renewal rate – retaining 99% of customers. This puts the company ahead of expectations of recurrent revenue exceeding 70% of total operating revenue.

Also picking up new contracts: some Ramsay hospitals and also Mater Qld ()


... The pipeline development moving into the next financial year includes a recent agreement with the Ministry of Health in Singapore to initiate a trial of PICQ® and RISQTM ahead of potential national rollout in all public and private hospitals in Singapore.


.... And, PKS largest international advisory engagement in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (TCV $2m) is delivering on agreed milestones, timing and cost budgets... The current project is planned to finish in November 2021 with significant current activity in building the sales pipeline for the coming years in this important region.

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as long as the company keeps growing, and profitably, I guess I do not care too much about the upcoming branding exercise

The Company proposes to change its name from PKS Holdings Limited to Beamtree Holdings Limited which more suitably reflects the proposed future operations of the Company and its global presence.


The brand change will futureproof and reinvigorate the company persona as we implement our growth strategy to expand existing and new products and services. It emphasizes our long term commitment to innovation with the customers and communities we serve both in Australia and around the world. Beamtree is a global enterprise that supports the clinical, economic and human imperative of best value healthcare.


Definitional meaning :

1. the Beamtree is a relative of the pear tree.

2. A physical phenomenon created when an electron beam travelling near the speed of light is focused on a plastic surface creating river like patterns.

3. The name for an approach to the visualisation of large hierarchical datasets.

and a change to BMT for the ASX code


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Record annual results, milestone acquisition and Beamtree brand launch



• Beamtree reports strongest revenue performance to date with 109% growth to $8.9mil for financial year ending 30 June 2021

o ... Group revenue grew 20% on a pro forma basis

o ... New contracts and organic growth resulted in 15% increase in annualised recurring revenue (ARR) to $6.7m pro forma

o ... Recurrent revenues were at 78% of operating revenues

o ... Strong cash position of $14.1mil and zero debt

o ... Operational EBITDA remains strong at 34%

o ... 99% client retention rate

• Beamtree acquires healthcare technology company Ainsoff Pty Ltd for $1m

• Beamtree launches new website: www.beamtree.com.au

• Beamtree appoints Dr Mark Britnell as chair of its new Global Impact Committee (GIC)


Ainsoff Pty Ltd is a clinician led healthcare analytics company that is bridging the gap between clinical expertise and data science. The strategic acquisition is valued at $1m through a combination of cash and shares and includes the company founders joining Beamtree, as well as three ready for market product applications that reduce the risk of death for seriously ill patients in hospital and automate other key clinical processes. The three new product applications are built on the Beamtree RippleDown® platform, allowing for seamless integration into the Company's suite of products....
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and another acquisition.... this could be labelled Transformative


  • ... Beamtree has entered into a binding agreement to acquire 100% of the shares in Potential(x) Holdings Pty Ltd, a complementary and market leading specialist health & human services data analytics firm.
  • ... The acquisition will materially increase the scale, capability and global customer reach of Beamtree. On a pro forma basis FY21 Revenue is circa $20m of which is 82% is recurring. The Beamtree team will more than double to 110+.
  • ... The acquisition is fully funded and on attractive terms for Beamtree shareholders, with consideration to Potential(x) shareholders comprising up to 30m shares in Beamtree and $4m cash consideration. This implies an enterprise value for Potential(x) of $19.6m on a debt free, cash free basis (1.8x F21 revenue and 7.4x FY21 operational EBITDA).
  • ... Potential(x) Managing Director and majority shareholder, Duane Attree, will join the Beamtree executive team and become a substantial shareholder. Potential(x) shareholders will own 9.6% of Beamtree. Management and the Board of Beamtree will own 34% of the company.
  • ... The acquisition increases Beamtree's pro forma FY21A EBITDA by 86% with only 9.6% dilution to existing Beamtree shareholders

......market likes it. A lot. up 25% to 62c.

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market has digested a director selling down.... Paul O'Connor announced his decision to retire and sold his 5% holding on market (was acquired when Pavilion Health became part of PKS). From a peak of 70c last Monday, most of the trades went through but then triggered a bit of selling to touch 58c, since recovering.


And nice to see Mirrabooka picking up 5.2% in Feb, which would have been around 36c.

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and a run on the announcement today... at 10:39 ... pity the shares ran from 51.5c to 58c before this Ann.


Beamtree is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with the Central Adelaide Local Health Network (CALHN). The partnership will see the implementation of RISQ TM (data quality product) across the CAHLN network of hospitals, the launch of a new trial using RippleDown® (AI decision support product) and the Ainsoff Index (which is used for early detection of deteriorating patients), and the opportunity to co develop a new implementation of RippleDown® in clinical workflow.
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BMT announces its first NHS contracts with four leading hospital trusts in England to drive improvements in patient care.

These are the first international clients for the Beamtree proprietary RippleDown® decision support technology in hospital based care .... Beamtree is already an international market leader in applications of decision support in pathology. It is also the first time that Beamtree coding and analytic services have been contracted in England.

Combined annual revenue of these partnerships is around £300,000 (approximately $540,000 AUD). These first phase agreements are expected to lead to multiyear engagements. Although the estimated revenue is not financially material, the partnerships are considered to be strategically important to the Company. There are no material conditions that need to be satisfied before the parties become legally bound to proceed with the terms of the contract / proof of concept

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