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and the presentation, here


Well worth a listen, IMO. After the CEO doing 10 minutes review of product and where they are, there is some Q&A; he talks about recent SP softness (broad cyber security enthusiasm about 18 months ago across the whole industry). From 13 to 14 minutes, it is well worth a listen. And then he talks about the relationship with MicroSoft, the pluses and minuses. For me the key takeout is that locally developed Kojensi is looking to get accreditation in the US and UK (will spell it out; AUKUS), which should happen within 12 months. Success is not assured, of course.

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AR9 has been invited to participate in a KPMG led systems integration consortium for the Australian Department of Defence.

On 08 April 2022, the Australian Assistant Minister for Defence, the Hon Andrew Hastie MP, announced the acquisition of Tranche 1 of the ICT 2284 OneDefence Data Program. Investments contained in the OneDefence Data Program are outlined in the Defence Data Strategy 2021/23, which outlines initiatives that the Department is implementing to improve its data maturity and enhance the information available to the Australian Defence Force.

A press release from the Department of Defence Ministers states that, following a competitive tendering process, Defence has entered into a contract with KPMG, as the preferred systems integration supplier. It further states that KPMG will lead a consortium which includes several leading suppliers such as Oracle and Microsoft, as well as three Australian Small to Medium Enterprises ..... archTIS, EPICON and SISU Solutions.

I guess it is better to be on the inside, with someone advocating, rather than knocking on doors alone.


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picking up a sizeable contract .... up from lows of 10c to 16c on news

Total contract value is $7.03M (inc. GST) over two years which includes $3.44M in recurring revenue over a two year period and $3.59M for services, support and hardware for the expanded growth and implementation of Kojensi.
• New contract with the Australian Department of Defence for expanded and enhanced licensing of Kojensi to be deployed on premise.
• This sale continues archTlS strong growth trend in the Defence and National Security market and follows the recent OneDefence win with KPMG to deliver the overall data security strategy for Defence.
• Establishes Kojensi for future growth of users and licencing as Defence expands the platform across additional sites.

• Following an assessment of available solutions in the marketplace, the contract was sole sourced demonstrating Kojensi unique value proposition in the market

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