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AR9 has announced the acquisition of global information protection business, Nucleus Cyber. At the time of writing, the Archtis share price is trading at 39 cents, up 3 cents.


Nucleus Cyber provides advanced information protection solutions that prevent data loss and protect against insider threats across the Microsoft Corporation software suite. Microsoft is the world's largest supplier of digital collaboration products to government, enterprise and SMEs. Microsoft boasts 115 million daily users of its Teams platform, and the Nucleus Cyber technology solutions operate seamlessly in conjunction with these products.


For example, its protection solution provides a simpler, faster and cheaper solution to tailor information protection for file sharing, messaging and chat across collaboration tools. Nucleus Cyber customers include companies such as Virgin Australia Holdings Ltd, the Australian Government Department of Defence and Department of Health, Melbourne Polytechnic and Paramount Pictures.


Archtis will acquire 100% of Nucleus Cyber for a total potential consideration of up to $9.75 million in Archtis shares. The company believes that this acquisition is highly strategic and transformational for its growth trajectory and global presence. Archtis will gain immediate presence in the key North American market, as well as access to the Microsoft business product suite.

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well, this was messy

The Company has undertaken a fulsome review of its governance and compliance practices to ensure that it has the resources and expertise to comply with its obligations moving forward. This review has resulted in the following key changes:


• As announced on 12 February 2021, the Company appointed Erlyn Dale and Winton Willesee as joint company secretaries of the Company to further strengthen the Company’s corporate governance and compliance program. Dale and Willesee are directors of specialist company secretarial firm, Azalea Consulting, and both hold formal positions as company secretary and/or director for several ASX listed companies. archTIS is pleased to be able to leverage the expertise of Dale and Willesee, who together have over 30 years of combined experience in governance roles.



• Further, in line the recent rapid growth experienced by the Company, archTIS has agreed to increase the role of the Chief Financial Officer to a full-time role, with the primary responsibilities of Company Secretary transitioning to Dale and Willesee immediately. This change will provide the CFO with greater capacity to meet the increasing demands of the role and enables the Company to better utilise the CFO’s extensive professional accounting experience to help drive the high level strategic and commercial initiatives of the business.



• Amendments have been made to the Company’s internal processes and to its register of delegations such that the Board has greater visibility over equities, options and cleansing matters.


• With the Company’s governance roles now appropriately filled, Bruce Talbot has resigned as company secretary of archTIS.

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1H FY2021 Financial Performance and Operating Highlights

• Total revenues of $1,111,763 delivered vs $242,877 in comparative period, up 358%

• Recurring revenues of $459,235 vs $100,843, up 355% on comparative period

• Gross Margin of $809,946 vs $118,041, up 585% on comparative period

• Strong financial position to support future growth initiatives with cash balance of $12,104,531 at 31 December 2020 following an $8.4 million capital raising during the period



Strong Outlook for 2H FY2021 and beyond

archTIS operates in a very large and proven addressable market. In July 2020, the Australian Federal Government released the Department of Defence "2020 Force Structure Plan" which committed approximately $15 billion over the next decade to cyber and information warfare capabilities, which included a key focus area in collaboration amongst government, business and the community to address cyber security. As an established, trusted and existing technology provider to the Australian government, archTIS is well-placed to provide best-of-breed trusted information and security.


Beyond Defence, AusCyber notes the Australian Cybersecurity industry in 2020 was worth $5.6bn and is expected to grow to $7.6bn by 2024. And globally the cybersecurity market is currently worth $173B in 2020, growing to $270B by 2026, with the majority of that spending being for externally managed security services. With the acquisition of Nucleus Cyber complete, archTIS is now well placed to expand into this global cybersecurity market.

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.... from the latest Outlook; the company will
[c]ontinue exploring strategic acquisitions to expand upon the product breath, distribution and top-line revenue of the company
and we hope this expansion will breathe life into the shareprice
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and archTIS getting a bit of buying on today's announcement

Thales Australia, Microsoft and Australian SMEs Myriad Technologies, archTIS and Fortifyedge have partnered to launch Nexium Defence Cloud Edge (NDC Edge), a secure Tactical cloud computing capability at the edge of the battlespace.

NDC Edge incorporates some of the best civil and commercial technologies available to provide a complete, modular, sovereign solution that enables forces to operate autonomously in the theatre of operations.


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currently the tie up is with Aust Defence Forces. Will it expand?


Developed in Australia for the Australian Defence Force, NDC Edge delivers a sovereign capability, built on Microsoft Azure Stack technology, that is designed to be compatible with Five Eyes nations, as well as humanitarian aid and civilian applications.


<h2 class="p">NATO has selected Thales to provide the first certified defence cloud solution that can be deployed in the theatre of operations in less than 24 hours.</h2> Thales was selected after a worldwide competitive tendering process.


The Nexium defence cloud will enable forces to analyse and share data in real time from the command centre to the theatre of operations, pursue their digital transformation in complete security, and accelerate the decision cycle to gain and maintain an operational advantage.


Until now, it could take several months and dozens of specialised engineers working at sites close to the combat zone to deploy the assets required. The defence cloud instead allows a small team of experts can deploy IT services and applications to locations thousands of kilometres away in just a few hours.


Nexium Defence Cloud offers configurations ranging from scalable infrastructure for command headquarters to containerised systems that transform a forward base into a new cloud node in just a few hours.


Thales says its defence cloud solution was designed to comply with the requirements of NATO's Federated Mission Networking (FMN) standard, which establishes the framework for cooperation between command-and-control networks for coalition forces.



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archTIS Limited (ASX:AR9), a global provider of innovative software solutions for the secure collaboration of sensitive information, today announced that the Company has retained US based Viriathus Capital to assist in filing an application to list archTIS on the OTCQB® Venture Market (OTCQB).

With little additional compliance relative to our ASX listing and non material costs, the Board also believes that pursuing a cross listing on the OTCQB could bring other potential benefits, such as enhanced liquidity and direct market comparisons to US based competitors


The filing initiative better supports archTIS stated acquisition strategy for growth and the fact that an OTC listing will make the Company scrip more attractive to acquiring company targets, while also opening the door to new opportunities to expand footholds in the US.

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• archTIS acquires technology assets including customers, staff and the European operations of Cipherpoint Limited (CPT) software division.

• The acquisition represents significant value for shareholders at ~3.8x the acquired annual recurring revenue; while being immediately accretive to earnings.

• Strategic acquisition providing archTIS with a unique data discovery and encryption technologies that are complementary to NC Protect and can be upsold and cross utilised within the existing Microsoft technology stack.



The purchase price consists of $1.4M in cash with $200K of the initial purchase price held in escrow until the novation of certain contracts. In addition, further consideration of up to $1M is to be paid based on total contract values of contracts assigned to archTIS as of 31 March 2022

Cipherpoint Executive Director, Joint Company Secretary and COO, Steven Bliim, who will join archTIS as Vice President.;Business Development, EMEA, said, I am excited about this transaction, especially in its potential to deliver growth opportunities for both businesses in addition to the sales and support systems already well established in archTIS. With a number of new pipeline opportunities already underway, I look forward to further cultivating an even stronger working relationship as a member of the archTIS team.

Daniel Lai, Managing Director and CEO of archTIS, stated, I am pleased to add the Cipherpoint technology, support and sales teams to archTIS. The acquisition clearly demonstrates our fiscal responsibility and our ability to consistently execute on what we have communicated to shareholders and the market around targeting acquisitive growth. We are capital efficient in how we price and evaluate deals and how we are not afraid to look out of the box for this or other acquisitions.

I wonder who the winner will be

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On 9/24/2018 at 2:48 PM, nipper said:

After a delay, floated on Friday @ 20c.

and AR9 has been down, and up and back down. ....

ArchTIS has enlisted Amicaa Advisors to help it raise $8 million to fund the expansion of its document sharing platform Kojensi into the US and UK and for possible M&A activity.

The raise will take the form of a $6.5 million placement for institutional investors, and a $1.5 million share purchase plan, according to the term sheet.

The offer is priced at 23¢, representing a 13.2 per cent discount to its last traded price.

Investors will also be offered an attaching option on a one for three basis. The option will have an exercise price of 35¢ and a two year expiry.

The overseas expansion of its Kojensi platform comes after its successful deployment with the Australian Department of Defence. It is also already used by the UK defence department.

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