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Key commercial terms agreed for a Joint Venture following award of A$20 million Federal Government Modern Manufacturing Initiative Grant

  • Pilbara Minerals and Calix have agreed key commercial terms for a JV in an updated binding Memorandum of Understanding
  • The MoU contemplates the JV will be established for the potential development of a demonstration plant at the Pilgangoora Project with the aim of producing lithium salts for global distribution via an innovative midstream value added refining process utilising the Calix patented calcination technology, as well as for the potential future commercialisation of the process.
  • Upon formation of the JV, participating interests will be 55% Pilbara Minerals and 45% Calix with each party funding their share of operating and capital costs and licensing their technology into the JV.
  • Calix will have a 10% in kind contribution recognised on budgeted estimated construction costs of the Demonstration Plant in return for Calix providing an exclusive, worldwide, royalty free licence for its innovative calciner technology to the Joint Venture for lithium processing applications.
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from TechZero conference

Overlooked by Australian cement makers that were not incentivised to reduce their carbon footprint, Calix headed for Europe, where it found an eager audience from cement manufacturers living under tightening carbon price regimes.

On Monday that audience extended to members of the European Parliament, who called through Lixhe {the Belgium LEILAC2 plant} to learn more about the Calix direct separation technology. That technology is now the hope of the cement industry and highlights the changing focus of the carbon capture and storage industry [which] is increasingly focused on capturing, storing and in some cases utilising the carbon dioxide that will be emitted by producers of cement, plastics and steel..

.... CEO Phil Hodgson says the tower is now treating 5 per cent of the cement produced at Lixhe by Heidelberg Cement and the plan is to demonstrate consistent operations for another year before building a fullscale model to test commercial viability...

With carbon prices above €25 per tonne, I think we have a very attractive technology, he says. The heat required [for Calix technology] should not be any higher than the heat already required by the cement plant, so from an operational cost perspective we should be no higher than a current cement plant. The only cost is the capital cost of building our facility.
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..... The  mad scientist who could turn Australian iron ore green.

The trademark feature of the Calix kiln is its ability to heat minerals to the exact temperature at which gases try to escape. As the gases escape they carve chambers and pores into the mineral structure, turning them into honeycomb type shapes with a very high surface area. The high surface area makes the structures more reactive, which is a good thing in chemical processing.

Adaptations have .. been found for cement, lithium, crop protection and water treatment, but Calix scientist Dr Mark Sceats said the size of the global iron ore and steel industries meant that green iron could be the biggest opportunity yet for Calix

Then on to the big one.

In its recent green iron trials, Calix has poured iron ore powder in the top of the inner metal tube and pumped in hydrogen at the bottom of the tube. As they mix inside the tube under heat, the hydrogen takes the oxygen from iron ore and forms harmless steam, while the pure iron falls to the bottom ready for steelmaking. Dr Sceats said his process could be a cheap way to make low carbon steel.

The potential is for iron to become more economically viable in smaller communities, Dr Sceats told Tech Zero. You could imagine in the year 2050 that you have pretty much a steel furnace in every big town making iron, making steel .... electric arc furnaces instead of huge factories.

The 'mad scientist' who could turn Australian iron ore 'green' - Tech Zero

Meet the 73 year old Australian scientist who has developed a special kiln that he reckons will solve Australia's iron ore emissions problems and deliver green iron.
omny.fm omny.fm
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from the 29/06 Pilbara presentation. Last para is new

Pilbara Minerals and its project partner Calix were awarded a $20M grant under the Australian Government’s Modern Manufacturing Initiative (MMI) .. Manufacturing

Translation Stream to support the development of the MidStream Project.  The grant value achieved was the maximum award value for the nationally contested scheme, providing a significant funding contribution and strong endorsement for the project.  The award remains subject to the parties entering into a formal MMI funding agreement. Following the award of the grant, Pilbara Minerals and Calix have agreed key commercial terms for a JV in an updated binding Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).  Key commercial terms agreed under the updated MoU were set out in the Company’s ASX Announcement dated 1 June 2022.

The JV will be formalised upon Pilbara Minerals and Calix finalising and entering into a formal JV Agreement which is expected to occur during the September 2022 Quarter.

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