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and CEMEX, another global heavyweight, has joined the LEILAC2 consortium, to develop Calix's technology for CO2 mitigation in the production of cement.


CEMEX has committed in kind support to the project given its strong technical expertise and knowledge of the cement production process, as well as a cash contribution, which will be applied to the construction phase of the project.

A fresh high ... now $1.56.

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Financial Highlights

• Total sales revenue grew 151% on Previous Corresponding Period to $9.21m (1H FY20: $3.67m)

• Total revenue and other income grew 114% on PCP to $16.27m (1H FY20: $7.61m)

• Operating Profit of $3.06m (1H FY20 Loss of $0.25m)



During the half-year to 31 December 2020, Calix continued to develop its core technology platform, from which the Company is developing several multi-billion-dollar global business opportunities.




The Company will continue working towards the FY21 targets across each segment. With exciting opportunities in the sustainable processing business, there is significant potential to expand relationships pending successful early trial results, which Calix anticipates to report on in the near-term.


Exploiting technical advantages in the US and re-establishing Chinese aquaculture sales are the key priorities for Water, with the aim to grow revenues and improve margins post-COVID.


Crop protection continues to be a promising lines of business for Calix. Building on existing early revenues and trial results, developing the next major license is the key next step toward commercialisation in this segment. The new opportunity emerging in marine coatings is also exciting, and attracting significant industry interest.

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Calix technology to be piloted in novel energy storage system with Swedish company, SaltX


• Efficient, low cost energy storage systems have been identified as a key enabler in electricity network decarbonisation efforts and are a fast-growing, multi-$b market

• SaltX (https://saltxtechnology.com/) (Nasdaq First North: SALT B) is a leader in the development of a novel salt-based energy storage system

• Calix’s electric-powered kiln technology has been identified as a high potential addition to the SaltX technology

• A pilot project, funded by SaltX and in partnership with Calix and Sumitomo SHI FW, will develop a 200 kW energy storage system and test it over FY22

• If successful, scale-up to a megawatt-scale, small commercial system would follow, along with commercial arrangements to exploit the technology

• The opportunity is yet another application for Calix’s core kiln technology, especially our electric-powered version, where we are seeing accelerating interest across multiple industries as they try to decarbonise traditional heating processes Sydney


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Calix gets a mention in a summary of Carbon Capture and Storage Technologies in the AFR. Technologies are evolving, and with the continued support of governments both locally and overseas, the prize of delivering a CCS system that works, is reliable and helps bring net emissions to zero, is a big one. Research projects the industry to be worth more than $US6 billion by 2027.Some ASX-listed companies have their eye on the CCS prize. This is how they are progressing in helping to reduce our carbon footprint.


Calix focuses on a wide range of industries including water and batteries. However, it took its patented direct separation technology from Australia to the European cement and lime industry, which required a solution to help it meet carbon reduction targets.The first low emissions intensity lime and cement pilot project (LEILAC1) to prove CO2 mitigation was possible went very well. Recently the company announced that CEMEX, one of the world’s largest cement companies, has joined as a partner in the LEILAC2 fullscale production project due to be completed in 2024.


Further, discussions continue with the European Union and other nations on the potential of the technology such as the recently-announced joint venture with Swedish firm SaltX to pilot CLX’s kiln technology in a salt based energy storage system. While results of the 200kW system are over 20 months away, it further validates its technology with potentially other projects to come.

others mentioned are Hazer HZR and Zeolite ZEO.


Note: Companies such as Santos, Orica, Origin Energy, BPH Energy, Vulcan Energy and others that are seeking to incorporate CCS within their current processes have been excluded. The intention of this article is to focus on those looking to commercialise their technology as a priority.



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Highlights: Calix to accelerate investment in ESG projects


... Calix to invest in its advanced battery development program and accelerate the development of its other lines of business

... Calix has received firm commitments for a Placement to sophisticated and professional investors at $2.00 per share to raise $14.0 million, and in addition, a Share Purchase Plan will be offered to existing eligible shareholders in Australia and New Zealand, of up to $30,000 per shareholder, capped at $3.0 million

... The placement and SPP will provide the resources needed by each line of business to pursue the significant increase in opportunities that Calix’s technology is attracting.


Calix Limited is developing multiple environmental business opportunities, all from the one core patented technology, including:

• Water

• CO2 mitigation

• Biotech

• Advanced battery materials

• Sustainable processing.


• To date, Calix has undertaken technology development through self-funding, grants and project revenues.

Calix CEO and MD, Phil Hodgson, said “We have seen a significant increase in inbound enquiries driven by the rapidly increasing interest in Environment, Social and Governance, or “ESGâ€, investing. To turn these enquiries into value, we need more engineers, equipment, and dealmakers.




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Calix has picked up a BOOT (or Build demonstrate and go home) agreement wih AdBri (ABC) for the development of a lime project for lime production, with CO2 capture and multi-fuel options (gas, hydrogen, renewables).


The production of lime currently emits roughly 1 tonne of CO2 per 1 tonne of lime produced. Lime is used extensively in producing steel, aluminium, rare earths, gold and many other minerals and is thus a significant contributor to those important industries’ carbon footprints.


Calix CEO and MD Phil Hodgson said, We have seen a significant increase in inbound enquiries in Calix technology driven by the rapidly increasing interest in Environment, Social and Governance, from countries, companies and investors. This important project is a world-first in ambition to produce zero-emissions lime, one of the most important industrial products globally, and it is great to be developing this in partnership with Adbri, in an Australian project, with Australian technology
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Calix raises $5m in strongly supported Share Purchase Plan



... Calix has successfully closed its Share Purchase Plan on April 8, with nearly $20m in subscriptions received.

... As a result of the strong level of support received from existing shareholders, Calix has increased the original $3m SPP to accept $5m.

... Calix's ESG investment acceleration program is now fully funded as announced on March 19, 2021, through the SPP and the $14m Share Placement to sophisticated and professional investors

So , another heavily scaled back offer.


(Holders with EFT details recorded will be paid today and should receive funds on April 14, 2021. Those without EFT details will be sent a cheque, which may take several days to process and send. )

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