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In reply to: will_smith on Thursday 04/05/06 12:27pm

Is there more to this spurt than meets the eye?


SP increasing on ever increasing volume.


Is someone accumulating a bigger stake?


Yesterday was impressive.


Had these since 18 so, not complaining!




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GSJBWere have a huge influence on this stock, wouldn't be surprised if it is them pushing it up.


They have made a killing on this stock in the past and they accumulate around the time of releasing their valuations.


Some client of theirs must of made a fortune on this stock....


Consolidate and trend slightly downwards when it reaches 45-48cents

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In reply to: coop on Friday 05/05/06 10:50pm

I am very confident that we will see US$700 + in May or early June. It would be very exciting to see 65c in this time frame.


I think a $1 is on the 07 horizon. Very satisfying progress recently.

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In reply to: sammybrennan on Friday 05/05/06 03:54pm

Yep this is a GSJBW pet alright. But fundamentals looking much more secure so becoming a little safer to hold while the boys do there pump and dump, brag and buy stuff.

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In reply to: coop on Wednesday 10/05/06 01:14pm

Hi Coop,

I wonder if any of the gold producers that are hedged at a lower gold price will be taking a keen interest in PNA. The Ox might be sniffing. Enjoying the ride.

http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/cool.gif Regards Tinman

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I see that the U-boat at 50 cents has gone. Done its job and scared a few sellers to drop in lower prices.

I guess that he's now set at a cheaper price and cancelled the sell order eh. http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/wink.gif


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