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In reply to: Nowhere Man on Friday 27/04/07 09:56am

"The beauty of this is there's more than one string to the bow. If LAT wins the Michiquillay copper project tender....well...."


Unfortunately in the Quaterly report the Michiquillay bid was rejected.


No luck on that potential bonanza


Oh well, still plenty of reasons to hold


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In reply to: wallave on Tuesday 01/05/07 08:17am

Yes, still holding.

We only had a very small dump (300k) so does not look like anyone was worried about the injustice done to LAT. I thought we might have got slaughted after the little gain building up to the tender release. Still heaps of upside.

See what today brings

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In reply to: gwydir on Tuesday 01/05/07 08:40am

Well, it's plainly disappointing...but not fatal.


We still have an excellent asset in Paron.


There's no doubt the bid for Michiquillay would have been a terrific one to pull off, and it's certainly extremely frustrating to be knocked out of contention on a trifling (and false!) technicality.


However, there's no use crying over spilt milk. It's done...so now we move on. These are the risks of speculative investment.


There are obviously valuable lessons to be learned about communication and focus that management can take from this.


On my reckoning, very little value for Michiquillay was ever built into the share price, so there's actually no objective reason for a 'dump'...though sentiment will have its own influence.


My view: Hold and buy if they come off. This is still way too cheap.



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In reply to: sally1 on Saturday 19/05/07 07:26pm

Well it was very nice of them to send out a letter explaining in simple terms why we did not win the bid. Same thing that was posted to the asx, nothing new.


I would have preferred some news on existing projects to help support the SP along with this letter instead of them basically saying they are a company looking for projects. Lat still have plenty going on so a little bit of hand holding would have helped this disappointment a lot.

Up .005 today on 91k but nowhere near it should be just needs some encouraging news.

I will hold and thinking about accumulating more as I bought in @061 so will average down and sit tight.

Looking for scoping study of Parron and U news.

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