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Secure online payments system that has absolute identity clarification, now dual listed with Frankfurt.

Fixed fees and commissions similar to paypal, used by NAB with current turnover of over $400m.

Now doing deals with companies in Europe, first contract going live this week expected over Euro $50m this year with more to sign soon.

Could be a ten bagger, do your own homework


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It is a deposit taking financial institution or neo bank providing transactional banking services in Australia and the European Union.


Regal believes iSignthis is at an inflection point for volumes and margin. It has obtained an ECB banking license in Europe, which now means the business is no longer reliant on third party operators to process transactions.


"Within this ââ€Å¡Ãƒ‚¬1 trillion market, ISX has a leading anti-money laundering tool and a full range of banking products, which should see its customer base expand significantly," Regal says.


"iSingthis anticipates being granted a banking license by APRA in the second quarter of 2019, which would enable it to provide transactional banking services in Australia, and make it the first wholesale/B2B neobank to receive APRA approval since PayPal."

- one of a few " tech picks" from Regal Funds Management


--- trillion dollar market, hundreds of millions turnover. So, what's the clip; Decimal pt zero zero zero what?

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